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Wabbit from eggs?

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  • Wabbit from eggs?

    Is it possible to hatch a wabbit from an egg, or the only way to get it is through shop purchase?

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    Wabbits will not come from eggs. Only purchases or events.
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      Thank you!


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        you can get it at treasure hunt or you can also buy class A to shop then upgrade it to s and if you like to make class ss wait for the event.


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          You can buy 'A' Rabbit in the shop for 1600 Diamonds and you can upgrade it by buying Carrots also in the shop. Which you'll have to collect. As for SS Rabbit, there is an Event once or twice a month where you can collect the SS Cards only for Your Rabbit. The other Pets have to collect other Potion Cards, which can be found in Guild shop or same Event as above. Thank you.