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Game is getting boring.

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  • Game is getting boring.

    Well I can give lots of reasons why I say so.
    1. Tickets are not answered. And yes, not just one ticket but multiple. At least they can provided a reply in negative but don't even bother to replying.
    2. Bugs are not fixed easily, like Chaos VS one(it has already been almost a month). They give compensation once for it but if you calculate my daily gains from that event, the compensation was not even worth mentioning.
    3. All good cashing events are gone.
    4. Suggestions are never cared about.
    And I guess the CSR(Henry Yu) who deals with tickets is a player. Since I DON'T even get a reply when I report cheating/bug abuse of that particular player. I mean that players' weak alts(multiple alts) have been banned and deleted for his cheating/glitch abuses but the Main character and other strong alt are always left untouched EVEN FOR HIM REPEATING the same cheating for which weaker alts were banned. For which I have already sent multiple tickets with screenshots but never got a reply. Not even once.