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Arena, I need help learning to do it manually

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  • Arena, I need help learning to do it manually

    I need help learning how to do arena manually, I was told its possible to beat someone who is 150k more br than me in arena by doing it manually by the support team... I have yet been able to switch to a manual mode in arena......

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    i've never heard of being able to run arena manually, so not sure about that


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      Iledra, me neither but "elf Henry yu" informed me s a ticket response thats how someone 160k br with worse stats is able to beat the stronger person lol


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        I just got a reply from Henry Yu saying that the developmental team has confirmed you can do arena in manual... Anyone know ho w I can get them to teach me to do so? HELLLPPP!!!!


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          How about you give me your ticket number and I'll go ask Henry about his reply.

          As for how it's possible for a lower BR person to beat a higher BR person... BR is just a number that equals the total amount of stats, with some stats giving more BR than other stats. It's not an indicator of who will win a fight. If you're questioning how a specific person is winning a fight against you, you should take a closer look at everything but their BR, such as class and any add ons this game has that contributes to how strong people are, and then if you're still questioning it, take a video and send that to support.
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            been there done that, every stat is higher, only difference is class, warr versus mage at which point 100k difference in BR should absolutely be a determining factor. THEN it still leads me to question why the "game development team" says you can do it in manual... ticket number is 666439, if BR isnt a show of strength why even bother with it? its a measurement of all the things you have done, which is why every little thing you do contributes to BR.


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              Guess Henry Yu referred you to the development team like he does EVERY ticket huh MemoryLane? which is a waste of time too, Siege has a bug where you can kill people from off screen, that the development team has confirmed from my latest ticket but they dont think they can fix it lol I say if its an exploit you make it so you cant AFK siege at all to limit the alts who can exploit the bug too