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please listen to us, we-the players- keep the games alive

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  • please listen to us, we-the players- keep the games alive

    dear R2 team
    i know this isnt the only game you have to take care and that you have your limit to what you can do and what cant, but please listen to us if we tell you something. we tell you our problems and even give you suggestions. so dont ignore it. maybe you are a bit shorthanded, but you should also let us know if there are any problems or if there are any news. also if we write you here in the forum or send you a ticket, answer us, respond and dont just ignor or give a short answer which doesnt really tells anything. show us respect.i know you have a hard job and its not easy to solve problems always and thats understandable. just let us know, we would like to know whats going on. keep us updated.
    we play to have fun, to enjoy and to relax. the players keep a game alive. without anyone playing a game dies. some spend money, so give a good service. in the end, only the players cant keep a game alive if the support team and the maker give it up. then everyone lose. you dont get money and we lose a good game, thats unfortunate for everyone. so support us, give events, new things...
    dont just open new servers and forget the old ones, that will have no good ending
    we are all humans, have our limits. so i kindly ask you, please be more active and listen more, reply. thanks in advance

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    Hehehe, now this is epic.