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Hades for Archer?

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  • Hades for Archer?

    Hello Guys,

    so i got myself a Hades today from these Taboo Boxes.

    My Question: Is it worth to keep and use the Hades for my Archer, or should i exchange it for 225 Shards and more, and get something else like Iris ?

    I read many forums about it any everywhere they say Iris is best for Archer, but Hades seems to be alot more rare and valueable.

    Any opinions?

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    You should keep it, Hades is pretty strong, both in PVE and PVP.. He's really good in team fights too xD
    Hades has archers-like skills..but better

    Getting iris isnt really the "best" option..with all those electro sylph users running everywhere. PVE wise, iris is really helpful if there's no mage/other iris' or *knight mode on* if there's a knight in your team #00 *knight mode off*. Though even a green Iris with rain dance is more than enough


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      you got apollo?
      if you have and you got it raised well you can consider exchaging hades. Personally i think hades is better than apollo, no matter what class you are.
      Hades is nice against mages, since they are very vulnerable to it. Knights are bit more resistance but it's still deathly. A proper trained hades can don massive dmg in group arena.
      For sky trail you want tohave 2 sylphs. Gaia is favorite and for the monsters strong against gaia you can use hades. Hades is very nice since it got a blood-arrow kind of skill with 15 secs cd. you can tank pretty well in mp with hades on if needed.

      Iris? tbh wouldn't put much effort on it, pvp wise its more kamikaze, however the area attaack can do wonders in group arena but isn't as good as Hades'.

      Unless you got a strong apollo i would keep hades in your case


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        What you have to think of, that most don't, troops are getting phased out in the chinese version more and more, meaning, you'll need 3 sylph(one active, 2 troops). Would you like to have a hades fighting beside you? or you think there's 3 better ones out there?


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          ok thanks for the Answers, ill keep it then

          i had doubts because it says that Hades is a "common" sylph while the others are described as epic, but i guess that doesnt matter then


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            Originally posted by Corti2 View Post
            ok thanks for the Answers, ill keep it then

            i had doubts because it says that Hades is a "common" sylph while the others are described as epic, but i guess that doesnt matter then
            that is the ranking: white,green,blue and purple and orange. it doesnt mean much in term of actually legendary. it says about stats and stat limit, which can be upgraded with mahra


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              keep hades. I think it's better then apollo too, he got good heal skill, can fear player with 10% chance (works like chaos rune) Delph which can't be dodge cuz it hits like 2 skills, so oponent can miss 1 wave but can't other. Apollo is just tanky Hades is more on dmg, Also Some day we will have Hera 3rd evo so keep it.


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                an archer, a lot weaker than me(in pvp I can take him down in 3-4 turns), beat necro lv20 with hades cause it heals so good.

                Just if you want to know if it is usefull ;p


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                  yea I think hades is better, cant beat other archers easy with my apollo when they use a hades against me
                  IGN: princestewii
                  Class: Archer
                  Server: Kabam 86