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High level Academy? why?

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  • High level Academy? why?

    Granted, I haven't raised mine beyong lvl 25 as of yet, but I've already noticed a trend.
    See, it seems that the level of the academy stops having any affect on the amount of tech available or even the benefits they provide, once the academy reaches a set level.

    My question: why should I keep adding to it if there is no point? I've looked, but can't find any info about this. What's the deal? where are the benefits? Where's the new tech? I'm very confoodled...

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    Its still at a low level. You need to level it up more
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      umm. So about lvl 300, the tech for magery toilet paper becomes available?
      Geez. Gotta feel sorry for those mages.


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        Although this game has been dumbed down for the facebook and yahoo gamers.. it still maybe too complex for some.


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          Your academy skills can't exceed your academy lvl, and the more you raise your academy stats, the more stats it gives. (Boo, took me such a while to find an answer to his question, I should've just sacarstically-ish answered-ish his question-ish, just for the lulz-ish of it (ish) (ish) )


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            Oops. Uncommon sense, I guess. It didnt click, until you laid it out.