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How do you use QTE on the iPhone?

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  • How do you use QTE on the iPhone?

    How do you use QTE on the iPhone? Thx

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    Hello fritodave2

    Before we can answer, can I first ask: Are you referring to the browser based Wartune (r2games), or the IOS app?

    If you're referring to the IOS app QTE, you slide your finger onscreen going from number 1, and in order to last number when the prompt appears.
    If you're referring to the browser based, I will need to do a bit of research personally, before I can answer. Can I ask what browser you're using on your iphone?


    Doing QTE using a flash enabled browser, you click the skill, open keyboard and click in order using 'wasd' in hopes you do it fast enough to be successful.

    Good luck
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