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Recharge Pack Heroic Boxes

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  • Recharge Pack Heroic Boxes


    I was just wondering what your opinions were on heroic boxes that you currently get on new worlds if you charge 50,000, 100,000, or 200,000 balen.

    Do you believe it's worth spending 15,000, 30,000, or 60,000 balen opening these boxes for all the extra mount training whips, soul crystals, hades sylph, gold, daru, level 5 gems, kyanite, chimera card, and all the other things in those packs?

    If you purchased 200,000 balen, opening those three boxes would consume more than half of that. I find it difficult to justify opening them.


    Also, another quick question but if you were going to invest 2000$ into this game, would you recommend doing 1000$ in the beginning and saving the other 1000$ for special promotions that come up for recharging, or do you think it's more worthwhile to bank on the 2000$ recharge bonus at the very beginning and just roll with that?
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    Also, one last question. Does spending 60,000 balen opening a heroic box count towards the spending event, as in if I open that box, will I get all the rewards for spending up to 50,000 balen during a spending event?