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How to synthesize clothes and get a cool mount while spending as little as possible

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  • How to synthesize clothes and get a cool mount while spending as little as possible

    (Or how to fall asleep... LONG POST WARNING if there is a zzzzzz at the end you will know it worked).

    This has been done before. But a few people have asked me how I got my horse-powered motorbike, and Wartune is on maintenance, so I decided to write this up.

    So what does it take?
    Balens would be a good start....
    Just in case you're wondering - this is not advertising, and it has not been commissioned by r2 . In fact it's anti-advertising because it shows (with pictures too!) that you can't get very far in this game without spending real money. The principle is (almost) the same for cash and non-cash players, but cashers will be able to get further - and leverage more reward in each given event. E.g. a cash player will get to a level 8 synthesis in one clothing event, and a non-casher over 4 or 5. There are no magic tricks to get the reward for free...

    (except this one):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	29 - clothes ident.jpg
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    ...but if you do decide to spend, there are ways to "maximise your investment". An equivalent from the poker/gambling industry would be to give players, say, a 100% "bonus" on your real money deposit. You pay $10 to an online virtual slot machines website and you get $20 to play with. But what you are getting is not $20 but $20 worth of "in-game currency" - only of any use while you play on this particular website. So while from inside the slot-machine emporium it looks like a great deal, it is an even better "deal" not to play slots at all.
    With this obligatory rant out of the way, here is what you will need:

    1. Level 1 clothing. By clothing I mean the "decorative" items that increase your Rage stat:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	1 - clothes pic.jpg
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    and they have to be of the same type -- all Armor, Helm or Weapon Cloaking (We will look at wings later). Here's how many:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 1.jpg
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ID:	1768191

    Now, if you ever synthesized clothing before, you may be thinking "This is wrong - you need 4 times as many". And you're right. But BUUUT at this stage we are only counting our basic pieces of clothing - the ones we cannot afford to lose. We have not taken into account the fashion cores or "spare" pieces. For example, if you have 13 hats - you would be aiming for a level 6 "final" hat, with 8 basic pieces and 5 "spares". Currently there is no reward for clothes synthesis beyond level 8 - so any amount beyond 32 is a spare.

    Still awake? Good, because from this point on it gets worse
    To your total number of cores you need to add any clothing you have already made (including what you're wearing) -- adjusting for its level. Say, we already have a level 5 hat made up. Let's look at the table again...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 1.jpg
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ID:	1768191

    ah-ha, a level 5 clothing requires 4 basic pieces, so it counts as 4. With our 13 hats this makes 13 + 4 = 17. So now, instead of a level 6 hat with 5 spares we can aim for a level 7 - with only one spare.

    The easiest place to count is within the Clothes Synthesis interface itself. Of course, the clothing has to be in your main inventory - not in the Vault or Mail. If you are planning to upgrade you existing clothing, unequip so it shows up in the synth lab.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	23 - Icelily synth lab what to count.jpg
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ID:	1768192
    Do that or I'll shoot you with my water gun

    Now add any clothes chests you got from past events:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	6 - clothing chests.jpg
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    The chests would not show up in the synth lab but it's easier to add them mentally to the total than to open them up and make a mess of your inventory. Count each chest as 1, except the Thanksgiving chest if you are making a Weapon - as it only has an Armor and Helm piece.

    2. Next thing you need is Lucky Charms. The math, updated:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 2.jpg
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ID:	1768194

    160 lucky charms sounds scary, but in reality you don't need that many. I started with 70 and I managed to synthesize two level 8 pieces of clothing and level 7 wings. Okay, I admit I topped this up with some balens But also -- as you synthesize, you pick up the rewards from Hot events and use these to synthesize some more (the "100% deposit bonus" kicking in).

    Back to the matter in hand. Spend your cash and get your Lucky charms here...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 places to get lucky charms.jpg
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ID:	1768195

    but the best "value for money" by far is here (current Hot evens):

    Click image for larger version

Name:	12 - hot events.jpg
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ID:	1768198

    and it you're really desperate, here:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	21 - clown mask exchange.jpg
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    3. Finally you need some expendable items - fashion cores and spares that
    I mentioned before. (We will use spares as cores so total them up together).

    Fashion cores are expendable. As you synth clothing you get loads in Hot Events rewards - I had 400 at one point having never paid balens for one. The only other use for them is Clothes Refining, and it is only ever worth doing once:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	13 - refine.jpg
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    Refining most items of clothing costs 4 cores. First Refine will give the clothing a stat between 2* and 5*. Second Refine can actually decrease it, and then you need another 4 cores to bring it back. As a result, you may have spent 8 cores to get back to where you started. A gamble synthesis works once in 4-5 times, so overall it's less of a waste.

    We would be using the cores and spares later to upgrade our basic pieces to level 3. The trick is to "gamble synth" to level 3, without using lucky charms at this stage.

    To make sure this will work, we need to be prepared for the worst. The math, updated once again:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 4.jpg
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ID:	1768199

    After level 3 the chance of success is, as the game tells you...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	14 - poor.jpg
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Size:	47.2 KB
ID:	1768200 from level 3 upwards we would be using lucky charms.
    Once again, cashing does not give you a better chance of success For both cashers and non-cashers the odds are good for 2+1 synth and not good for 3+1, 4+1 etc. But non-cashers may at this stage find themselves a bit short of cores and spares or -- more likely - lucky charms, which are extremely hard to come by if you're not using real money. So if you don't cash and don't plan to, it is better to use more of your "bases" for 2+1 synthesis. This way you can synth clothes to level 4 or 5 and pick up some rewards from Hot events, even if the resulting item is useless to you.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	16 - decluttering.jpg
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ID:	1768201
    My freeplay mage is having a bad hair day (and a bad armor and weapon day too).

    And now we are ready to start the actual synthesis... no we're not Two more things to keep in mind.

    First, if you lag, the success rate of "gamble synth" drops down dramatically. Some will say it's a Wartune superstition, same as "opening many boxes at once gives you more chance of a big win". But for me it happens far too often to be a coincidence - so I always reload the game before I start synthing.
    (and yes, I also save up boxes to open them together).

    Second, always start with the highest level clothing that you have. For example, if you synthesize just the two level 6 pieces you get a reward for level 7 - but also for level 6, 5 and 4. As well as the all-important lucky charms.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	17 - synth reward charms.jpg
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    In the current event you also get some ready-made high level clothing to help you up towards the next level:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	17 - synth reward clothes.jpg
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ID:	1768203

    That's it - now we are ready to start.
    Synthesize your highest level piece, collect all rewards from Hot events, refresh the game and start synthing your level 3 bases. Yes, you will fail many times, so grit your teeth and keep going. Alternatively, lay back and think of Balenor -- and no, there is no video of me doing it
    But here are some still photos:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 5.jpg
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ID:	1768204

    And then do this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	111111 excel table 6.jpg
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ID:	1768205

    For wings this works exactly the same - but it takes 5 cores to upgrade the wings one level, so you need 5 times as much expendable stuff. And the Hot Events reward you get is not as rich as for the clothes. So while with clothing it pays to make tons of items you don't need, wings are best left for last - or at least until you can upgrade the wings you are wearing and increase your BR.

    And the best bit of this is... if you got your calculations wrong, it does not matter (I know you hate me right now ). Say, you were aiming for level 8 and halfway through you found out you only have enough materials for level 7. But remember - you pick up the reward not just for the current synth level but for all lower levels as well. So unless r2 changes the rules, next clothing event you can pick up right where you left off.

    Finally, if all of this made no sense AL ALL, here is a video by Thethrell on the same subject (he did his clothes to level 9):

    And oh, all right... I did complete the envent in the end so here is one of me:
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