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The Advanced Guide To Wartune

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  • The Advanced Guide To Wartune

    Welcome to the Land of Balenor Ladies and Gentleman, a land of War, Beauty and Adventure. Now lets get started.

    Getting Started

    Now to start things off we'll need to pick a Time Zone as well as a Server. To do this we'll need to go to From there we can pick from the 4 time zones in which Wartune servers are based, US West, US East, Europe and Oceanic, Make sure to check and see if your time zone will be compatible with that of the zone you choose to play in. From there you can pick from a number of servers, feel free to explore other servers if you feel the need, just remember only one character per person on any given server, meaning you can have no more than 1 character on every server, you cant have 2 characters on the same server. (I can't say if The Reality Squared Staff is enforcing this but having multiple players on the same server is no fun.)

    Once you have picked your Time Zone and Server, We move on to something amazing, Class Selection. Wartune provides 3 classes, The Knight, The Mage, and The Archer.

    The Knight: Knights are powerful warriors capable of wielding two-handed weapons to devastate their enemies. They may also summon powerful shields to ward off attacks. Knights have a naturally High Armor and Endurance while possessing Moderate Strength and a low Intellect.

    The Mage: As masters of the Elements, Mages are able to evoke powerful spells to damage their enemies and heal allies. Mages possess High Intellect, Moderate to Low Endurance and Low Armor and Strength.

    The Archer: Archers are known for their long-range and powerful attacks. With their magical arrows, they deal massive damage to all but the most highly armored. Archers have a naturally High Strength with Moderate Endurance and Intellect but a Low Armor.

    Now that I think about it, I never asked what your name is. Now is the time to name our Hero, go on don't be shy. When picking a name make sure the name you want to use is available, also make sure the name you pick is a clean and appropriate name free of any curse words or racial slurs, their is no point in naming your hero if your going to get him executed by the Rulers of Balenor.

    The Adventure Begins

    We are now ready to venture forth into the mysterious lands of Balenor Hero. We shall first begin by acquainting ourselves with our various Stats, Equipment slots and our various interfaces.







    Physical Attack:

    Physical Defense:

    Magic Attack:

    Magic Defense:



    HP/Hit Points:

    Troop Count:


    These are the things that you may have equipped to you when entering battle Hero, Equipment is your last line of defense and a major source of your power.





    Ring 1:

    Ring 2:

    Jewelry 1:

    Jewelry 2:


    Rune Slots:


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