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Wartune Sylph skills (Purple)

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  • Xiao Fei
    started a topic Wartune Sylph skills (Purple)

    Wartune Sylph skills (Purple)

    Hey! So ive just get back into playing Wartune and ALOT has changed .Usually u had to be lvl to learn new skills.Now apparently u can also now buy the Purple Skill and learnt it?
    If im not wrong i thought Purple Skills for example Hades , "Awe" skill can only be learnt from the refinement of Hades?So my question is, can you learn the purple skill
    with Hades , Iris or must u refine them FIRST to Triton , Gaia ?

  • GM_Magik
    Recently, we upgraded to patch version 5.0. In this patch a lot has been changed, and the portion you may be seeking (well slightly anyways) can be found right here. I can also confirm for you, that whether the pet is blue or not does not appear to matter with skills as a result of this, so you should be good to go in whatever purple skill you desire to purchase for your Hades, Iris or whatever pet you are running, good luck.

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