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Guild Skill Tower - help required please.

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  • Guild Skill Tower - help required please.

    I have all my guild skills up to level 10, but cannot activate them in the Guild Skill Tower.
    (All the "activate" buttons remain grey).

    I'd greatly value any advice, please.

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    First of all, are the guilds skills level ten or are your skills level ten? Skills can not exceed level ten. If it is the guilds skills, we can work with this. if you open the guild panel, you will see a list of items under the Events tab. Under this tab the very first item is called Guild Skills. Can you try going in via there and seeing if this helps you any. Please remember you need to have the personal guild contribution high enough to train skills within the Guild Skills interface.

    If this does not help let me know and we will go more in-depth.

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