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UPDATE!! All players with issues locating or logging into their characters since the transfer are required to send in a ticket. Please CLICK HERE for instructions!
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  • Vip membership guide


    Free Cooldowns - Never pay for a building, levy, technology or duel cooldown again.

    Exclusive Castle Appearance – Stand out from the crowd with a new castle appearance, only available for VIP players!

    VIP Daily Quests – Receive a variety of daily quests just for VIP players, each offering unique and special rewards.

    VIP Weekly Gift Packs – Looking for more gifts and prizes? Receive exclusive weekly gift packs, filled with surprises!

    VIP Tokens – With these tokens, you’ll be able to test your luck with the VIP Wheel, where all sorts of items are up for grabs.

    Bonus EXP – Receive bonus experience battling monsters and by complete campaigns!

    Automatic Check-in – Tired of having to manually check-in everyday? With automatic check-in, you don’t have to worry about that.

    Increased Friend Limit – Is your friend’s list full? Upgrade to VIP 3 or higher and you’ll receive a higher friend’s list capacity.

    Devotion Bonus – Need that extra devotion boost to help you with the Daily Tasks? Earn devotion bonuses each and every day!

    Bonus Kyanite from Plunder – Looking for more motivation to plunder your enemy’s cities? Receive additional Kyanite with every plunder!

    1-Click Astral Capture – Tired of having to capture all those Astrals? Reach VIP 5 or higher and you’ll be able to capture them all with just one click!

    More Alchemy Attempts – Running low on Gold? Take advantage of these additional Alchemy attempts and exchange your Balens for Gold.

    More Mystery Shop Attempts – Looking for more great deals? Make use of the Mystery Shop with additional attempts!

    Less Honor Loss In-Battle – Lady luck not on your side in-battle? With this benefit, you’ll only lose a fraction of (or any!) Honor when losing in-battle.

    Temple of Sailora

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