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Tips for Speed Clearance: Faster Times

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    Originally posted by R2219449 View Post
    The colors of the chests and circles do not entirely match with the keys and circles near the characters.
    When you see an orange key, hammer or circle you must look for a yellow chest, eggs or circle.
    When you see a light blue key, hammer or circle the color you need to go for is dark blue.

    Sometimes the countdown bar doesn't appear when everyone is at place. To solve this, leave the circle and step in again.
    Your info has been made known. Thanks.
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      full screen helps, but use zoom out to 75% helps even more, yes its harder to read anything in chat, but the letters will be fine to read. and you can see all chest in your screen..

      we do with 4, 2 on Skype, and me with my spouse sitting nxt to me. we have time's around 1.55 - 2.00
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        Once your team forms up, everyone refresh before entering. I know that should be a given for any special event, but some people still don't understand that and wonder why they lag.