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Defeat secret chamber monster during archaeology

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  • Defeat secret chamber monster during archaeology

    Please someone say who finish this?

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    It's a monster in the field that requires 2 to 4 people to engage it (solos can't work unless in a party as well). It's like any other but won't show on your monster list (left side).

    And to fully answer that I would have to say "lots of people had already" as it on-going and never-ending.
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      i need help with something


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        can not find this in wilds old obsolete quest that needs to be deleted
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          can i get help find the secret chamber of monster


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            no longer exist, can not do this quest, quest needs to be removed
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              the secret chamber monsters dont exist anymore , we already forwarded to the right persons to remove them of the quest


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                they are still in quest


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                  will probably never be removed....the hot event bug with the ancient beast shard issue was the same one they had the last time they did this, they never fix, just recycle & keep using even if its wrong
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                    This was recently forwarded to be looked into, again. We will see if there's an update on that.
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