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Patch 7.0 Dimensions

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  • Patch 7.0 Dimensions

    Helo to everyone boys/girls who play wartune here.
    Ive spend few mins in dimension, i should made it faster but real life work dont offer much time so i made it now.

    Most people don't know where to get keys on dimension or where to use them if they get some gold or silver keys. I did one expert dimension today and made print screens to help with it. Hope its usefull for some of ya who dont
    understand new dimensions system.

    1.This portal contains the key u needs on current dimension your doing. keys are req to open a portal to pass that section and go to next section, no key means u wont be able to go on next section.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Where to fiind gold key.jpg
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Size:	452.1 KB
ID:	1793443

    2. This monster offer the req key for portal.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Coronius.jpg
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Size:	431.1 KB
ID:	1793444

    3. Portals are looking like this and need that gold keys to enter on it and complete section.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	gold portal.jpg
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Size:	299.6 KB
ID:	1793445Click image for larger version

Name:	gold portal2.jpg
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Size:	545.2 KB
ID:	1793446

    4.There are 2 types of keys on dimension as u seen, gold and silver keys.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	sylver key monster.jpg
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Size:	486.1 KB
ID:	1793447Click image for larger version

Name:	sylver key.jpg
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Size:	313.1 KB
ID:	1793448

    5.Dimensions have some chest also like the one i found wich offered me 250 energy that helped me complete expert dim today.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	chest 2.jpg
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Size:	390.0 KB
ID:	1793449Click image for larger version

Name:	chest reward.jpg
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Size:	596.8 KB
ID:	1793450Click image for larger version

Name:	chest.jpg
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Size:	576.0 KB
ID:	1793451

    6.Last section contain an special tower exchept the basic one to complete dimesnion.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Roy Fort tower reward.jpg
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Size:	403.0 KB
ID:	1793452Click image for larger version

Name:	Roy Fort tower.jpg
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Size:	503.8 KB
ID:	1793453

    7. New patch daily gain crystals are bigger now from what ive seen on a full expert dimension. Ofcourse rare bound balens are still there somewhere, some of my guild ppl found them, im not that lucky for them !
    Click image for larger version

Name:	crystals expert dim.jpg
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Size:	669.5 KB
ID:	1793454

    Hope this helps ya all who dont know stuff about new dims. Have fun!
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    thanks alot my friend for the help ♥
    this is very good guide , it helped me with my first dimention
    but in my second dimention i didn't find this monster that gives the golden / silver key , so i can't compelete the dungeon
    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))


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      Did u cleared all spots for searching that door to enter on the section where is the gold key monster? try complete all dark spots in searching the portal, its there somewhere. Pm me if still not got it. GL. Good to know it helped for something those prints!
      Server: [S698] Golden Valley
      Class : Archer


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        Kudos for the topic G3ORG1AN.


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          Nice thread Thumbs up. But Dimension daily gains are less post 7.0 not more. You got 1800 will a day from old +250 more than the new, Plus fully completed expert dimension expires faster post 7.0 making you loss +1 day, Overall nearly 2k will +4k res res crystal shards less compared to old..

          **Noting at this current moment in time the % bonus's and crystals that we are supposed to get from fully completing new are bugged....Maybe in a few week when r2 has fixed the typographical errors, They will have time to fix dimis bug so they produce more than the old as they claim to.
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            what about the ones with the dashed line? i cant seem to enter them. did 3 dimensions and couldnt enter in any.


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              Originally posted by ladyraisha View Post
              what about the ones with the dashed line? i cant seem to enter them. did 3 dimensions and couldnt enter in any.
              Those are secret levels and you will not get to them every time. You need to find an hidden entrance, an eyeball thingy to access those and that is where you have a chance to find a balen mine.


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                Indeed R262181389 is right, the rooms that have the dotted lines are the secret rooms, they are rare to get. In order to enter them you would need to find the eye on the rooms they are attached to. If you are lucky enough to find the eye and get into the secret room, you have a chance for balen mines. Good luck to you in finding those rooms
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