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2018 Holiday Season - Customer Service Support

This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
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Wonderhill has moved to GameRocks

Wonderhill/Kabam players returning to the game, or who did not complete the GameRocks migration process during the month of December, please follow the easy instructions in this thread to be reconnected with your character:
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who is better to use:one or two?

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  • who is better to use:one or two?

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    2 is better . it has less lag
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      I have always been more fond of the mini client (2) then I have the client (1). The only problem I have with the mini client is that it is not really full screen and tends to leave gaps on the sides showing just a little bit of my desktop. This might not bother some people but when I am making a video on the game I do not like others to see what I have on my desktop.
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        0 If it's the devs, it will always have lag regardless of use.
        1 Not really fond of such as it starts out small and then you have to try and make some use out of it if you're going to have multiple window modes of such. I prefer my custom since I can save the window locations and have a neat set up.
        2 is a memory hog!!! It was the reason why I made my own to work off the browser window without the cumbersome of add-ons.
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          Have not tried mini client lately but when I did use it, it would become really laggy after a short period online and I mean unplayable laggy. I have not noticed that with r2client although I use chrome for my main toon


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            I find it's a tossup in performance. Some systems work better with 1 and some with 2. I have tried it on a variety of platforms and processor/memory. It's good to try out things and go for the best to fit your machine.
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              I might as well get some more memory for my system soon since I got an update through Windows 10 (don't know if it's the Creator's Edge as it didn't say such but I know I was up for it just a while ago). I much prefer the custom since it's just only the browser window which takes down the memory usage down a few notches. However, with benchmark testing after each patch is released, I find that there are silent features added to the game that makes it unbearable at times:
              • Tremendous overkill on the swirls that goes on constantly that it could not be turned off. The only time you will probably have a bit of freedom is when there are no events in the Time Box going and after you click on the Hot Events box to clear its swirl out.
              • Annoying and constant swirl on Hot Events box that is not event related. This comes from picking up an item, harvesting crops/animals, or even changing gems. None of these have an event so why are we subjected to the constant notifications of the Hot Event box when we do these tasks?
              • Redundant pop-ups while on farm screen. Okay, the devs (and their fan girls) wanted this as it is their way of being optimized, so can we really get rid of the pop-ups saying that we have something to pick up on our tree WHEN WE ARE ALREADY IN THE CROP VIEW?!?! I have to literally exit the homestead interface so I can close out the annoying little Day-O and then get back in to finish up. Optimized my Day-O! And the hopping icons isn't doing us justice either.
              • Full-screen steam view? I don't know how many out there are playing in true full screen (not maximize your game window; I am talking about clicking that blinking box, another annoying effect, that takes you there). In full screen (during battles, yep they make the screen small don't they?), you get steam effects while the battle is going. Seriously? Do we really need that?
              • Constant analytics from the host to the system. What ever happened to just sending a request when the player is playing the game and then having it expire within 24 hours? This would be much better than it sending out to the system every second.
              • Big Day-O numbers. I don't need to say more other than the devs are blind, I think. Still does wonders for targeting when zeroing my weapons from far away.
              We can utilize our own flavors of game screens, but if these top things are not fixed by the devs, they would not do us any good.
              Vicious! Approach with Caution!
              Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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