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enhanced bounty scroll - is have some kind of pattern

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  • enhanced bounty scroll - is have some kind of pattern

    just for devo try to complite 5 bounty quest,BUT
    first 15 scroll who i open,and abandon after that, was or spend balens or kill monsters ONLY.but from experience i know there can be also:recruit,astrals,wsad game,soked gem,guild contribution.....
    i have 400 bounty scroll,can abandon all day,but that is not THE POINT
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    It is random what the bounty scrolls will give you I have deleted a few of them myself in the past. If you are only doing the bounty quests for devo you can use the bounty board in cloud city.
    At least from the board you can pick the ones you want to do.


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      If for the kill monsters moment, I would do a few MPD runs (solo, no attempt checked in) from level 70 and up (assuming you're 80) since you get a lot to fight up with. The spend balen one is easy as well since you just check the shop and buy the cheapest item offered and then either use it or delete it.

      Or, you can do as X have mentioned and check out the bounty board for your quests to be done.
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        For the spending balens quest I use to do 1 campaign blitz and speed it up since it only cost 5 bound balens. This will kill 2 birds with one stone since you can also get the spend balens devo from it aswell. Note: this only works if you do not have spirit covenant.