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what means legendary seal

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  • what means legendary seal

    so,latest event is this.i need fire seal,but pls someone explane me what exacly will get for 600 events items?
    i suppose will be sophisticated fire sylph,but i more need to know whit what stats will be:at one star or 5 stars,or full upgrade?this is what i need to know before give 600 itens,who dont collect too easy

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    Yup, you'll get a sophisticated third-tier fire sylph (Ares), only its an "empty" sylph with little sep/adv. sep invested on it. Tried it last event cycle and I got one-star Ares (legendary) with 50K+ BR (without equips).


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      If you can get one, go for it, but do choose wisely. lol
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        The worst possible investment of event items .. its more preferable to develop sylph naturally .. given the cost of ready one, unless you are - bigcash player. ... So best to spend event items elsewhere