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Summer Rave and Summer Nonet

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    what function party up iff someone can stole boss?


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      ok the summer nonet.. its like atoll on drugs for an hour.. so far so good... but devs.. mentors.. etc

      1. we need a hide players button PLEASE
      2. since it says " be in team" why is the team fighting part only used at bosses and not on mobs and ringleaders ? Would take a huge pressure part of ringleaders so ppl had a chance to get past the levels. And we would all have fun train some " stay close together as team"

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        yes bad lag plus the mobs and ringleaders are hard to click if ppl surround them make a hide player button

        the boss summon in wilds yes u ave to be quick cuz ur boss could end up on another wilds map u need energy for teleportation before some greedy person steals it

        it seems if u steal it or some 1 steals some 1 elses it will cause so much arguments in wc stupid idea indeed making them stealable theirs 1 greedy person who thinks he owns everything


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          Couple things, why doesn't the boss in summer nonet respawn like the other monsters do? Is there a single boss on every floor? I never seen one boss.

          On the wilds boss, does it only spawn on the map your castle is on or is it random? I spawned one yesterday and it was on the map I was on, but unfortunately someone else took it before I got there. What a bunch of ****. Why does it need to post the location for everyone to see? That is just asking for trouble. Also, can you stand on top of boss to keep others from attacking it if you are waiting for the rest of your party or whatever?

          And yes, add a hide players button. Might be good to add more ringleaders too. Only 4 ringleaders on each floor for the whole server to attack. So many people trying to attack those 4 ringleaders, hard to click on monster.
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            there is single boss on every floor if ya not fast enough a team can kill all bosses before rest get to 1

            The map boss spawns random and has several lvl's random as well
            And yes ya can do same as people used to do with normal bosses in the wild stand on it till team mate's arrive

            And No not more of them lol you do wanna enjoy the fighting in wc with popcorn and Bacardi Cola afcourse
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              summer nonet time needs to be moved not enough time to much to do at the current set time needs to be befor arena when there is less going events to do


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                also the boss in nonet needs to respond if 1 team kills them all no one else has a chance to kill a boss


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                  Never seen a boss yet. It should at least re-spawn so everyone can get a chance to get the 3rd chest.