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2018 Holiday Season - Customer Service Support

This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
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Wonderhill has moved to GameRocks

Wonderhill/Kabam players returning to the game, or who did not complete the GameRocks migration process during the month of December, please follow the easy instructions in this thread to be reconnected with your character:
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what is the difirent between arcane tech and restoration

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  • what is the difirent between arcane tech and restoration

    i first look in stiky topic,but dont find what i look.
    i like to see all skills for two specs,and basicly what is the difirent,and at end yore(who will write this) apinion who is best
    also i like to know if i can change spec latter, because nowere have this info in game

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    This is a list of both active skills so the passive skills are missing from this list.

    All skills are shown to be at level 1 (higher the level the better the stats)


    Thunder - deals 130% damage to random enemy and receive extra 10 rage.

    Fiery Lotus - Deals 180% magic damage to whole enemy group.

    Criminal Trial - Deals 370% magic damage to a random enemy and boosts its damage received by 30% lasts 2 turns.

    Hells Requiem - Deals 400% damage to whole enemy group and boosts their damage received by 30% lasts 2 turns.

    Lightbringer - Recovers 1200 awakening points for the entire party and dispels 11 negatice buff.


    Healing hands- Heals party member who possesses the lowest percent of HP, restores HP equal to 10% of its max HP and decreases its damage received by 30% lasts 2 turns.

    Brightly Shining - Adds a healing buff to the entire party restoring 10% of max HP eaach action for 3 turns.

    Paradise Carol - Restores 25% max HP for the entire party and removes 3 negative buffs.

    You can change skills as long as you have the tattoo requirements. There is no double skills and to my knowledge you can not use both sets at the same time.

    I hope this was helpful.
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