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Willpower's that heal (& frigga's equipped on main character) & titan temple

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  • Willpower's that heal (& frigga's equipped on main character) & titan temple

    Do people think that it's rude for the players that equip healing sylphs and/or willpowers that will heal party members in titan temple or should they do whatever they want? My case is I think it's quite rude because you can hinder a weaker player growth (who could be able to beat a stage if the players didn't heal) and I think people who happen to be in the same guild as that player should call them out on it and request that they don't equip it before reset.

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    whcih willpower is healin? so its worth to kill mmage? ^^


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      One of the things with the introduction of those healing witches.. that should be implemented in TT is when they are DEAD they stay Dead. I see many once again after being able to kill the various tiers in TT are now are back to stage 1, and yelling those friggn witches healing like crazy when hero s are almost dead.
      Disheartening to many when they kill the will powers and next round they are fully healed..
      Dead is Dead , that's something that should be thought about for more people to pass TT .
      Just a thought .
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