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Class Advancement

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  • Class Advancement

    How does one achieve Class Advancement can go no further in hall of hero's till I find out how to do it

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    There will be a series of quests once you reach level 80 and acquired legendary dragon soul. 1. Clear Lych's Lair (nightmare mode). 2. Win a tank battle. 3. Win 3 times in the battleground. 4. Clear dragon king abyss dungeon. After that, go to Brad (class advancement NPC) to advance.


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      That's the old Class Advancement questing. New one is as follows:
      • Clear Lych's Lair (Nightmare)
      • Win 1 Battleground Round (All the way to the end, your team must be on the winning side when BG is over)
      • Clear Dragon King Abyss
      After those three (as depicted in quests) are done, then go to Brad to talk to him.
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