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Void emissary versus Sea witch

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  • Kalaripayattu
    started a topic Void emissary versus Sea witch

    Void emissary versus Sea witch

    Hi all. Just want some feedback on your experiences with the above willpowers. I plan to make either one but I am not yet sure which would fit a mage better. I prefer a support type, so its either heals or shields.

    That being said, I have some questions on void emissary and sea witch.

    1. Void emissary
    Void barrier (reduces damage received by 1 teammate by 12% each turn, lasts 1 turn -max) - I am quite confused here, it says each turn, but
    apparently it only lasts for 1 turn. Do you get any indication when the skill is triggered on a party member, like a status or a shield? Can it also be casted on your main toon? What is this skill like at lower levels (level 1 or level 6)?

    Energy control (increases magic attack by 30% and damage 20% - max) - Is this stat bonus applicable to your main toon as well or just applicable to void emissary?

    Front assault (reduces damage received by entire party by 43%, lasts 1 turn - max) - Same as above, what is this skill like at lower levels?

    Delphic death curse (generates a shield that absorbs damage equal to 33% of max HP, lasts 2 turns -max) - What is the percentage damage absorbed at lower levels?

    2. Sea witch - For sea witches, I just want to inquire on the trigger rate for the active heals. I've heard it's nothing like how battle oracle casts his skills.

    Caught up between these 2 wp and I decided to post on forum so I don't end up wasting blood of zeus, now that the event is ongoing. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Kalaripayattu
    Thank you very much, PinkiePie and ANIME1988. Based on this, I am kinda feeling lower BR players (like myself) would benefit more from heals than shields or damage reduction (unless the damage reduction is always in effect).

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  • ANIME1988
    Well my Sea Witch can heal huge amount of HP but not much damage like other Willpower can do Even Sea Witch can be really Crazy Healing depend when it trigger rate % w/ you or team having low HP.

    Sea Witch Passive:
    Lv5 - Deep Sea Embodiment = 10% chance to recover 3% HP for the party member w/ the lowest HP percentage each turn.
    Lv5 - Power of Purity = Healing ability increases by 15%.

    Sea Witch Delphic:
    Lv6 - Delphic Healing Pool = Restores HP equal to 420% of MDMG for entire party.
    Lv4 - Delphic Swift Jet = Deals 368% MDMG to enmies in front row.

    Sea Witch A.Skill: (Damage)
    Lv6 - Waterspout = Deals 300% MDMG to an enemy in front row. (Cooldown 2 sec)
    Lv5 - Blast Wave = Deals 280% MDMG to an enemy in the back row. (Cooldown 2 sec)
    Lv6 - Absolute Zero = Deals 320% MDMG to all enemies. (Cooldown 30 sec)

    Sea Witch A.Skill: (Healing)
    Lv5 - Moisturizing = Recovers HP equal to 300% of MDMG for the party member w/ the lowest percentage of HP. (Cooldown 15 sec)
    Lv5 - Rejuvenation = Restores HP equal to 260% of MDMG for entire party. (Cooldown 15 sec)
    Lv5 - Renewal = Restores HP equal to 380% of MDMG for 2 party members. (Cooldown 30 sec)

    If anybody want need really Crazy Healing skill the best:
    1 - Delphic Healing Pool
    2 - Renewal
    3 - Rejuvenation
    4 - Moisturizing
    5 - Absolute Zero


    Sea Witch & Void Emissary there Both have same Gear Stats: MATK/HP/PDEF/MDEF/CRIT/
    But Sea Witch can't do much damage but Only have Crazy % Healing amount better than Battle Oracle.
    Void Emissary do Great damage higher MATK than Sea Witch.

    But for me I stay w/ Void Emissary cuz of the shield & damage.
    At first I did have use Sea Witch when I make it and while Im using my Frigga the Main Sylph making me even hard to kill w/ so much healing (even my friends hate it keep healing all the time but still my Frigga + my reflect damage can easy to do damage to them. Frigga also heal, shield, 3 skill damage but still it does become really annoying if the Willpower keep healing if the % rate trigger the member got low HP and any Character use shield to keep staying longer.)

    Soon I be trying to lvl my Eagle Warrior & get Death Specter than Last is Angel of Light (Angel of Light is sux but it does look cool anyway)
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  • PinkiePie
    I can't say about Sea Witch since I don't have one yet but I do have a void emissary though.

    -Void Barrier: Basically, each action your Void emissary does also give a damage reduction buff to a random friendly character (so either you, your own willpower,
    another player in your group,etc). You get an icon next the hp bar on a friendly character or above your own skill-bar (see the picture at the end). The skill give
    1% damage reduction per level, so at lvl 6, you will get 6% damage reduction.

    -Energy control: Seem to affect only your Void emissary.

    -Front assault: Affect everyone in your group. Mine is lvl 5 right now and it give 33% damaged reduction for one turn.

    -Delphic death curse: Mine is lvl 7 and it give me 27% of max HP. Unlike Frigga shield, this skill can get dispelled though so keep that in mind.

    Hopefully, this answered most of your question on at least the Void emissary
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  • Kalaripayattu
    Anyone kind enough to help?

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