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thanksgiving event

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  • thanksgiving event

    Here is the deal, i have 2 willpowers and 5 cards from the thanksgiving event for a new one. is it possible i receive one i already have?
    How does it work? do we get a card to open any wilpower or a willpower seal like sylphs, or is it like eudaemons?
    Someone to explain please?
    wand what about mounts? we can get a random +10 mount?
    and clothing we get a full set or just a piece of it?
    balens, how many is there in a card?
    upgrade card? we get a 5% atk scroll? a lvl 6 gem? what is inside that upgrade card?
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    You get materials, not an actual willpower.
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      oh, good to know, the usual stuff then......


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        They (promoter or developer) need to appropriately describe such as the card titles are ambiguous in nature. Most people will think (I would think the same) that they are getting a Willpower, or mount or something of (kind of) value but instead are just getting the materials which makes them a bit worthless.
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          The mount card is actually a mount, the Moonlight Kitten.
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            They need to tell what the rewards are on the event page instead of us players having to figure it out ourselves. But like everything else in this game, they want us to gamble on it. I myself thought a willpower card would be an actual willpower but nope.

            Someone said the balen card gives 10k bound balens. But I would say for the most part, only cashers would have a chance at getting that. I have not got a single balen card.


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              Hmm, what happened to my post? I just posted on this and now it's not showing up. Wonder if this has to do with editing the post. I went to edit my post and when I tried to save it, it said something about I don't have access to this page. And now it's gone.

              Well now my post just showed up. This is not the first time this has happened.
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