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symbiosis effects !!!

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  • symbiosis effects !!!

    Hello, good morning, could someone explain to me what it is based on? I am not sure that each piece increases, and I do not know how to obtain the best benefit

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    If I'm not mistaken, symbiosis actually share a % of your dragonchant gear and regular toon gear. So, for example, if you have the weapon at 9% symbiosis, that mean your dragonchant gear also get 9% of the stats from your normal form weapon (and it's also go the other way too). Not all stats from your gear is used though (I believe that soul seal bonus for example isn't calculated for the symbiosis effect).
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      Symbiosis % is what you gain from normal form to dragonchant and vice-versa. Say you have 100k patk talisman on dragonchant and 10% symbiosis on patk, you get 10k patk to normal form.