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help with guild skill tower

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  • R25031647
    started a topic help with guild skill tower

    help with guild skill tower

    ok newbie question!

    so i started my own guild yipee! But iam confused about guild skill tree.

    My guild is level 8. My skill tower is level 7.

    Im either completely stupid or... anyways,

    This what iam doing, leveling skill tower, clicking activate skill, clicking learn skill at the bottom, switches to
    skill tree, but no learn button to click, just red saying i need to activate it in the tower, which i have done.

    I have gained 1 level out of 7, i do have plenty of contribution so that is not the issue.

    Any advice will be helpful :/

  • Meikura001
    I think he/she needs to level up the skill and since it's not being active, they have to enable it in the guild tower.

    1. Open your guild interface.
    2. Navigate to Guild Territory button.
    3. Click on the Guild Tower.
    4. Click Activate on the skills you wanted.


    1. Go to main guild window.
    2. In the first line for skills, click on open.
    3. Within that interface, click on learn to learn the skills (up to the level you've activated to).
    4. Go on your merry way.

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  • X-23
    You need to go into the guild skills under the guild events tab.

    Click image for larger version

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