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Help me build pro mage 40 >80

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  • Help me build pro mage 40 >80

    I ihave a mage 40 and i don't open double skill..i use skill aoe and me build skill,astral,and mage for crit

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    their is a few documents around the web that can help you build a mage some info on astrals and skills and other stuff

    try google under the words mage build wartune


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      Does Brilliance even benefit a Mage> (HP)


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        Does Brilliance even benefit a Mage> (HP)


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          Originally posted by mud2017 View Post
          Does Brilliance even benefit a Mage> (HP)
          Brilliance Astral Give HP. Even im a mage, but I dont use that astral. Of course any Mage don't use astral HP only for knight does need the must for there Defense Skill.

          Mage astral need: MATK, PDEF,MDEF,CRIT / (CRIT Base DMG %),BLOCK / (Dodging DMG %), Reduce All DMG %, Deflect DMG & Regeneration % chance to recover HP. All these can help mage depend how you use it.

          Of course also sylph best (Fusion Sylph) for Mage is Odin (Good defense and few skill can DMG/Heal & Odin can be PATK or MATK) or Frigga (Healer same as willpower Sea Witch doesnt do much DMG but it does fit cause of MATK Only)

          You can always try look up Cross-server Ranking to see any other mage use for Astral, if skill depend which class (Advance Class or Knighthood Class)
          East Server: 345 Crystal Plains
          Character: Mage
          Class: Knighthood
          level: 80
          Time Zone: (GMT - 5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
          Games play: League of Angel (first & 2nd vision), Wartune, Crystal Saga (First & 2nd Vision), Dragon Pals, Shadowbound, Lunaria Story, Swords of Divintiy, Dawnbreaker & God Wars [I'm everywhere to play, but of course now i'm focus on Wartune even Wartune I do have different server but won't say to much detail & I do change name depend what anime name]


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            Mages need HP..... the higher their HP the higher their healing capacity.
            HP and healing are linked.