Unlock requirement

Need to reach class advancement to unlock relic system.

Relic interface

Hovering mouse over Inventory icon reveals icon for Relic interface or you can use hotkey “C” to open it.

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Getting relics

Relics are made by synthesizing them at the blacksmith from Relic Shards. Relic Shards can be obtained from Broken Space, normal or nightmare mode. You need 100 relic shards of same type to synthesize one relic. Once you synthesize the relic it appears in your inventory and by double-click you can activate it. Relics you have already activated can be turned into 10 cast stones by same method.

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MAX Stats of relics

Stats on bold are the highest of each attribute among the relics.

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Which relic to choose?

First of all, you want to decide single relic you will focus on. Maxing one takes immense amount of materials, so you don’t want to restart when half done. Eventually you will be able to use more relics at once through resonance but maxing one first is important. All that being said, there isn’t absolute best relic to go for. Lot of it is up to personal preference. As you can see from table above each one of them gives lot of stats when maxed and each one has unique passive skill.

There are multiple ways to go about choosing the which one to focus on. Here is couple of examples that might work for you. But remember, final decision is always up to you and these are just to help with the decision.

Method 1: Stats top priority
Stats can vary quite a bit between certain relics, especially what comes to HP, Penetration and Block. Attack and Defense have differences also but not as big. Each of these following examples is solely from the point of view where player prioritizes attributes mentioned over everything else. If you are set on for example “HP top priority”, then you have 3 options to choose from, you can compare other stats and the passive skills for the final decision.
  • HP top priority: Oracle Arch, Unholy Saber and Paralyzing Dagger.
  • MATK top priority: Azure Stiletto, Hand of Riddles and Unholy Saber
  • PATK top priority: Hand of Riddles and Hide of Heroism
  • Defense top priority: you might want to focus on relic with highest Pdef since 2 of 3 classes use Patk OR you can go balanced. Rapier of Damnation has highest Pdef and Mdef, other options would be Paralyzing dagger and Hide of Heroism because of its 2nd highest Pdef.
  • Block top priority: Sword of Delusion
  • Penetration top priority: Spear of Slumber
  • Balanced overall stats priority: Rapier of Damnation, Oracle Arch, Downfall Spear, Spear of Slumber, Paralyzing Dagger, Hand of Riddles and Valor’s Edge. Lots of choice here.
Method 2: Passive skill top priority
All of the passive skills on relics have their strengths. That being said, there are few relics listed below that are most popular among players.
  • Sword of Delusion: 90% reverse damage can be huge and kill your opponent if get lucky with the proc.
  • Unholy Saber: 3 turn stun is strong because it stops your opponent for quite a while. Opponent won’t be casting titans either.
  • Hide of Heroism: 150% skill dmg bleed is strong especially if fight lasts for long time and dmg gets increased by timer.
Personally, I think these would be strong also, just not as popular in general.
  • Hand of Riddles: 45% heal of your damage done can save you big time if active when casting high dmg skill.
  • Valor’s Edge: 90% crit damage is big buff on your damage especially if it activates with other damage increasing passives.

How to improve the chosen relic?

There are 2 ways to improve relics. Casting and Upgrading. Casting is done with Cast Stones. Those come from various sources, but Lord’s Trial and Hot Event exchanges are the main ones. Also Cast Stone events seem to be regular now so it’s best to wait for those to use yours.

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Upgrading is done by using Sun Crystals, Moon Crystals and Star Crystals. Each of them can be obtained from Lord’s Trial and events. Each level of upgrade increases stats gained from Casting by 50%, to max of 800%.

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To cast, you input amount of Cast Stones you want to use in slot in the red ring and click cast. Stats in the blue ring are what you have gained on relic so far. %-multiplier next to attribute bars increases as you upgrade your relic. Max Preview in green ring shows the max stats of the relic in question. “Equip” in white ring is used to equip the Relic in question.

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To get into upgrade interface you need to click arrow inside yellow ring in picture above.

Each crystal (Star,Moon and Sun) gives 10 points of progress. Each relic has 1 star in the beginning. As you reach 5 stars you get to upgrade moons and after 5 moons comes the suns.

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