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    Guild skills

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    To access the available guild skills, click Open from the Guild window. They will help improve your character stats and give bonus in other areas as well.

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    These are the normal skills that you can buy for contribution, they are the following Strength, Defense, Intellect, Charisma, Gold and Endurance. They can be upgraded to level 10 all but the one for gold will increase the stats on your character. The one for gold will increase the gold production that you collect from your Town Hall in the city.

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    The advanced skills have a few more options besides the ones that we have in the normal skills, besides the four basic skills to improve stats we get four new that will give a bonus in different areas.

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    Guild chamber bonus, this one will increase the exp you will gain during Tree of Ancient.

    Insignia bonus will give extra insignia when doing Imperial War.

    Honor Bonus is the one that will increase the amount of honor you will gain from Imperial War.

    Demonic Region was to increase your attributes in the old Guild Beast (not sure if it still applies in Emeraldia)

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    The developing potion needed to upgrade the advanced skills can be found in Adv. Guild shop page 2, you need fang of fear to purchase it. Fang of fear is dropped in Emeraldia also in archeology (wilds digging).
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