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  • How to get eudaemon

    need help newbie here i don't know how to have a eudaemon can someone tell me how to get a eudaemon this is my big problem T_T thank you

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    You obtain a free eudaemon following the quest that unlocks eudaemon, at lvl 70 I believe.

    To obtain more Eudaemon, you can use that one to do Eudaemon Patrols for Eudaemon Mark Shards, that you can exchange at God Timo NPC in Cloud City, at 5 per for a random Eudaemon.

    You can also gather the event item for the hot event exchange, Eudaemon Adv. Path, to choose the Eudaemon you want. That exchange is currently going on until the 8th, if you are not on a newer server. If you are on a newer server, you will need to wait until after your server's first 30 days are over, and then you will have that exchange when it appears next in the rotation.
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