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[GUIDE]Guild War basic info By HeavenFlame

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  • [GUIDE]Guild War basic info By HeavenFlame

    Im just a begginer but i want to share my knowlegde with others
    Done by me HeaveFlame


    GET 4000 points more than enemy
    GET more points than the enemy in 1 hour

    There are 4 tower total which can be occupied. For each occupied tower your guild get points. Points add every 30 seconds.

    How many points over time does your guild get per tower?

    Occupying 1 tower gives out 13-15 points
    Occupying 2 towers gives out 35-38 points
    Occupying 3 towers gives out 56-59 points
    Occupying 4 towers gives out 77-79 points

    For whinning in match
    ________________________WINNING SIDE_______________LOOSING SIDE
    Under 20 mins________1000 insignias 1000 honor______400 insignias nad honor
    After 20 mins_________850 insignias 850 honor________450 insignias and honor
    After 40 mins_________700 insignias 700 honor _______500 insignias and honor

    Ranking Rewards from all matches in week

    Rank 1: 200 Soul Crystals, 30 Whips
    Rank 2: 150 Soul Crystals, 20 Whips
    Rank 3: 100 Soul Crystals, 10 Whips
    Rank 4 and 5: 90 Soul Crystals

    Guild batlle is in defending towers !! not to kill enemy.
    Main goal is secure and defend atleast 3 towers from 4 for win.
    Click image for larger version

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    Team North (TOP TEAM)
    They are basically defenders and attakers, team must have 4 strong players.
    First their objective is secure first North(Top) tower, nearest to your base.
    Second their objective is to push to second tower and occupy it.
    After that they need to defend it.

    Team south (BOTTOM TEAM)
    Almost same with North(top) team but they are at botom.
    First their objective is secure first South(Bottom) tower, nearest to our base.
    Second their objective is to push to second tower and occupy it.
    After that they need to defend it.
    Picture of occupying first tower
    Click image for larger version

Name:	waroccupy.png
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    OTHER TEAMS are supports, which helps to stall(slow down) the enemy
    For example if u see strong opponent dont run away from him, stall him , attack him. While strong oponent is bisy with you,
    Team North (Top) or Team South( botom) have free time to engage enemy tower and avoid strong players.
    Sometimes enemy will go near our spawn to stall us , that means we lost our near tower at botom or top.
    Avoid them if you arent sure that you can kill them. Better is to help to take back tower.
    Always listen what your Team commanders says.

    How to defend:
    There can only be 4 defenders at one tower
    To become a defender you must press on the tower u want to defend
    If you leave the circle you will automatically be removed from tower defending
    dont go in defenders if u dont know what you are doing, please watch what your guild Leaders write ,
    If someone asks to leave the circle then leave it .
    When your are defending, near your nickname will be yellow shield icon.
    Message to become deffender
    Click image for larger version

Name:	warstardef.png
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    Team of 4 defenders
    Click image for larger version

Name:	war4def.png
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    Heres what hapens when you leave your cirkle
    Click image for larger version

Name:	waraway.png
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    How to attack :
    Its logical that attacker team attack all 4 together so you need to cooperate not to split up. Its very bad when
    one team member is engaginfg tower against 4ppl, and rest of team members are attaking enemy which arent the defenders.
    You need to do it sychronical, you will learn it with some practice.
    To attack tower you need to attack enemy with yellow shield icon.
    Sometimes there is so many people y cant see who is who, try not to rush, and be very carefull.

    Its important to always have 4 defenders
    When you defend dont attack other players(enemy) just wait for them to attack you
    if you defend and clicked to attack on enemy you will be removed from tower defence
    and your team of 4 will be 3 people, but you will be one aginst 2,3 people.
    So always defend tower by 4, because your tower can be attaced only with 4 people
    So if your enemy is attacking your tower it will be like this:

    4 VS 1, then 4 VS 2 , 4 vs 3, but then you will see while that while enemy is getting reinforcments u will kill one ,
    so basicaly it will be almost every time 4vs3.
    If you are stronger than your opponents you can just stay and defend tower with 4 people, they cant kill you because after each battle ur hp will be full.
    For example in my last guild batlle 4 people defended perfectly, no one could take tower, even thought they attacked nonstop
    meaning that fights were without single moment of rest.
    So if a strong 4 people occupy a tower There is no way they can lose it. They can lose it if someone from defenders attaked first,or someone left the circle.
    Or if enemy has more stronger attacking power.

    Theres also some guild skills u can use , but will not explain them, if anyone want to share or explain them pm me.
    I have found a guild battle video in youtube:

    its not mine but you can check it for more experience.
    PS : THIS GUIDE ISNT FINISHED , i need to get more pictures, and more info about guild war so if u want to share with me or found mistakes you can pm me and ill redo my guide. ty for your attention
    I have found amazing guide for guild battle, ITS MORE ADVANCED THAH MINE , THERE ARE ALSO TIPS FOR PROS that one is much better and with Pictures :P

    Here is Schematic map for noobs
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    TNX all my friends from DEERSHADE server who helped me with this guide :

    Congratulations! You get a reward for posting guides for beginners, please be noted to check.
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