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troop enlight guide?

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  • troop enlight guide?

    Anyone has a guide how to use the enlightment effectively?
    What different specialtys there are for which troop type?etc..

    Just wondering since i used it a few times but i always get teh same specialty so do you have to swap em first before you can get a new 1 or?


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    Well i am an Archer, i get MATK, PDEF, MDEF, PATK and Health from the enlightening.

    Most tend to go for what their character is, so Archers and Knights go for the PATK bonus, and Mages go for MATK bonus.
    But with the differences in troops and the impact they make, i am not really sure with that part..

    I currently have level 3 PATK bonus with my Templars, so my PATK is a little bit higher, not by much but still something, the higher you go with it, the more % you will get..
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      hmm k , haven't got the phys boost yet .
      But any idea if you have to swap your current enlightment?
      I mean, i have now MD enlight active, i used enlightment again and got MA 'waiting' to get swapped.
      But i used it 3 times again and everytime i got the MA enlight boost so,
      do i have to swap to the MA boost to get a chanche on a new specialty with the enlightment or is it just bad luck i keep getting this 1?


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        Just bad luck you keep getting, you do not have to swap until you get one you want to change to for your troops.

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          I have a question,if I'm a mage i need matk for elinght or patk cause they use patk?


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            ok thx serrin = @omega, you need the magic1


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              I hope this "matk from templar's patk" will be fixed. If this exploit won't be possible, mages won't rule pvp anymore.


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                Originally posted by R27176943 View Post
                I hope this "matk from templar's patk" will be fixed. If this exploit won't be possible, mages won't rule pvp anymore.
                Ya if that is true then that is pretty lame. Why do they have matk or patk then? Why not just say gain 1% of the troops attack? Just like world boss has attack and not patk/matk for the inspiration buff. If it is a bug then it better be fixed.