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Guide on Mages Gem & Astral

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  • Guide on Mages Gem & Astral

    Mages Needs high Matk,Pdef,Mdef and Hp!!!
    Patk- this gems are only only for Knight and archer because Mages only depends on Matk
    Pdef-this gems are good for you because when fighting Knight and archer you need these more than Mdef
    Matk-this is where Mages depends on higher the Matk the better
    Mdef-You wouldnt need these more because your defenses on the is really high because of the intelligence. Intelligence provides Matk and Mdef(1Int=4Matk+1Mdef)
    Crit-you wouldnt need these these gems are only for archer because of their skills.(if your going to get this dont parthner it with Will destroyerastral it will kill all your crits)
    Charisma-you wouldnt need this just upgrade it on the academy
    Block-this gems are eeeee dont use it you dont need that this gems are for knights

    Mages astral
    Mages Needs Matk,Pdef,Hp and Mdef
    Sniper's Edge-it just provides crit. You Wouldnt need this if your an healing mage but if your a killer Mage this can help you big time (Never parthner with Will Destroyer)
    Regeneration-IT provides regeneration from it's word the it can help you when fighting because it gives you like 5% of damage dealt(best parthner with Mystically)
    Blessed Health-if your gonna use this CHANGE it now use instead Redeneration. the 10% for 200Hp you would be an Idiot for using this
    Aegis- good astral but only few players use this because it just provides you reduction of damage values Ex. when a player is gonna attack you with a 1000damage dealt to you it will just subtract the 30(or better if higher value)
    Willpower-Use this good for you promise your a mage you would need these on fighting mages to but if i where you go for the Fortitude because of the Intelligence
    Enshieldment-Dont use it it would be a waste of astral
    Mystically-this astral is good for you higher the level of astral bigger damage
    Guardian Angel-BOOO you can only use this on archers so dont use it
    Illusion-reject its ok but dodging is not like its word dodge when you dodge you will still receive damage
    Deflection-reject it just deflect damage and for only 10%chance on 3000 damage the waste of time
    Will Destroyer- good for healing magesgo for it promise this astral is best for you
    Brilliance-Hp its ok
    Force-Never Reject no matter what just use it for exp on ther astral
    Fortitude-this is good on fighting archers and knight
    Determination-for killermagesonly and never parthner it with will destroyer
    Ruthlessness-floating damage is for adding percentage on your damage good on all playersskill good on mages to
    Charm- dont waste of time

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    May I ask what level you are in the game?


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      49 i just post because i want to try if there is truly a bonusif you post


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        The bonus' to posting:
        • New Friends
        • New build ideas
        • Help and advice on call / tap
        • Game discussion & debate
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        Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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          It would be helpfull a skill guide for mage. I mean by lvls for multi-dungeons, between pvp and pvm...