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Astral Guide - Need Astral Level Info

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  • Astral Guide - Need Astral Level Info

    Help me build this guide, let me know the stats I am missing. We'll need to figure out how high an astral's level can go. Someone told me green are max level 4 but I have yet to confirm this. Higher levels (above Level 5) will be added as they are confirmed. Thanks!

    Astral Guide - Wartune

    ?? Anyone know if you can adjust/re-size margins in Google Docs? This spreadsheet is 2 pages and I'm trying to figure out how to re-size to one page.

    Congratulations! You get a reward for posting guides for beginners, please be noted to check.
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    Sticky. But can you tidy up a bit? Instead of going down the same column for levels, could you make:

    ~~~~~~Level 1/Level2/Leve3
    Astral 1:
    Astral 2:
    Astral 3:

    sorry but it seems easier to see imo, you dont have to do it though

    And Ill try to help you out mate! GJ!
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      if I understand right:
      you can find astral value of any level - just by multiply level of astral by the value of the first level of astral. i.e.:
      green astral
      level 1, value = 72
      level X, value = 72*X.
      it concerns any type of astrals (green, blue, purple, orange).
      Also I've noticed that, value of blue astrals bigger than value of green astrals on the 50% the same situation with orange and purple, but purple astrals bigger than blue only on 33.3(3)% i.e:
      green astral, level 1, value = 72
      blue astral, level 1, value = 72+50% = 108
      purple astral, level 1, value = 108+33.3(3)% = 144
      orange astral, level 1, value = 144+50% = 216.
      But unfortunately this rule does not always work (for instance astrals with +HP).

      p.s. I just thought that actually there is easier way to calculate these values
      blue value=green value*1.5
      purple = green*2
      orange = green*3
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        Angelic Wings lv 3- Block +648
        Bloodthirsty lv3- Regain HP equiv to 15% of damage dealt, 10% trigger rate
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          autlos, I did it that way so you can compare how the skills get better with the higher level colors. I just made this today so we can tweak it anyway really.


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            OUTSTANDING GUIDE. Props to you bachus. if this forum actually had rep ratings i would give you +10.
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              Kudos to you, Bachus!
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                Thanks for the compliments! I updated the guide using Drigor's formula since it seems to work for the boost stats.

                Someone in our guild confirmed that astrals can expand past Level 5. More to come!
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                  Oh my, you r doing a great Incredible job. I would be trying to help you
                  Enjoy the Game


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                    Since this is an Astral Guide, I'm going to go ahead and sound like a noob.
                    What do Energine Astrals do? I have something in mind, but it would be great to have a definite description to it.
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                      Energine Astral is used to feed other astrals EXP, it is not to provide player EXP but your astrals EXP


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                        I think this maybe a formula too, but I dont know. Im guessing that this is how most of them level up by. All procs are static, they do not raise unless fixed/patched/or stated by the GM otherwise. So any proc that has 10% stays the same.

                        Any astrals with regular leveling that has low even/odd numbers(if they start at 2, or 3) go up by 2


                        LV1 Prophet's Guard: Chance of receiving crit damage reduced by -3%
                        LV2 Prophet's Guard: Chance of receiving crit damage reduced by -5%

                        LV1 Blessed Soul: Reduce all damage by 2%
                        LV2 Blessed Soul: Reduce all damage by 4%

                        Although that may or may not be the same case for Enigma. If the number is low such as 1 goes up by 1

                        LV1 Enigma: 1% chance of dodging damage
                        LV2 Enigma: 2% chance of dodging damage

                        Again a different case if its an increment of +5, especially when the number starts at 5%>10%>15%... and so forth

                        So theres different types of leveling. One mentioned by Drigor for those non-percent type astrals, and this type of leveling.

                        ~Drigor's leveling
                        ~Even/odd number leveling (ex.2% or 3%)
                        ~Lowest number leveling (ex.1%>2%...)
                        ~By 5 type leveling (ex.5%>10%...)

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                          I figured that much. But can you increase its level and on each level does the exp that you can feed to the desired astral you want increases as well.
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                            Originally posted by mushirmillion View Post
                            I figured that much. But can you increase its level and on each level does the exp that you can feed to the desired astral you want increases as well.
                            You can't feed any astral to the red one to level it up, if thats what you meant.


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                              Oh and if its higher than any of the numbers I mentioned, especially the orange ones, just look at its purple counterpart and follow the same formula! @mushirmillion well its for those that dont know much about mmorpg's yet and how they work! :P