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[Guide Compilation] Usefull guides

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  • [Guide Compilation] Usefull guides

    So a few of the more helpful Guides have been pointed out to me and some requests to sticky those guides. Sadly, we can't go stickying every Player Guide we like, but we can make one thread to host links to the helpful Guides made by Players and stick that. So without further ado:

    An Astral Guide - Bachus77 has posted a huge list of Astrals and what they do at each level. ITS HUGE.

    A Guide to the Non-Cash Mage - Godfathers' Guide lists out the Pros and Cons of the Mage, as well as Skill and Astral Suggestions.

    A Guide to the Academy and Kyanite - WarriorsAsh's Guide on where to get Kyanite, and just what you can expect to get from your Academy.

    A Guide to Enhance Effectively Using Luck Stones - R2652812's Guide helps to get the most out of the Luck Stones. He even has a link to a cost guide to let you figure out just how many Gold you're probably going to need.

    A Simple Party Guide - Hyorinmaru6's Guide might be "Simple", the information within is a must for anyone looking to form a multi-player dungeon party. The tips within aren't common knowledge to the new player, and many a party has had trouble not following these suggestions.

    A Guide to the Guild Master's Guild Interface - Planning on starting or running a Guild? WrenBoh has you covered with all you need to know about the Guild Interface a Guild Master uses.

    A Guide to Filing a Ticket for New Players - WrenBoh's extensive step by step guide (with pictures!) on how to file a ticket.
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  • #2 <----Currently The Better Non-Cash/Cash Mage Guide (Just Sayin') But Good List Of Guides, GG Quite Helpful Thx.
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      Thanks storm. Now you have taken the responsibility of keeping this sticky updated. AWESOME
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        wow never thought my guide would get sticky since i just bundled all the knowledge i could collect in 19 seconds
        but wow i have not seen the other guides i will look into those
        Thank u Gm stormaggedon
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          Yes, exactly what Ive been asking for, a sticky! Thank you! And if its too much to ask for I dont even know if youll allow it, but a link to Gamelytics Guide. Most of the guides there practically answer a lot of new player questions and helps guide them in the right direction! Like Academy and Kyanite guide is there too
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            this awesome


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              Thanks ProNab
              Originally posted by ProNab View Post
     <----Currently The Better Non-Cash/Cash Mage Guide (Just Sayin') But Good List Of Guides, GG Quite Helpful Thx.


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                Thanks for posting this!!!
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                  Originally posted by NuRoTa View Post
                  Thanks ProNab
                  Yeeeeeh~ Boi~
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                    i want to ask,,

                    how i can change my char name,,?


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                      Originally posted by WrenBoh View Post
                      Thanks storm. Now you have taken the responsibility of keeping this sticky updated. AWESOME

                      a newcomer seeking for someone to play with. [S82] Beverstone Mount Hollywould Thx.


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                        The most detailed Archer guide there is >>>>


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                          Detailed mount guide >


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                            Guide to Guild Battle Point System (and other Q's regarding Guild Battle)

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                              Hi Miku_Tachibana
                              You are unable to change your character name. we are unable to provide a name change for player accounts outside of those that are in violation of R2Games TOS which can be found here I hope this explanation helps you.