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Troop Guide, please help

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  • Troop Guide, please help

    Can anyone please tell me all about troop?

    please explain:
    how they attack? MATK or PATK?
    how their defence? which one is better MDEF or PDEF?
    what is their advantage and disadvantage..
    and last, if you can tell about how is your strategy in upgrading troop and improving technology

    because I want to spent kyanite, daru and time as good as possible , so I can make strategy for troop..

    name : Benyamin
    server : Camp Calorn
    job : Knight
    Guild : Indo_stars

    Game for fun

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    Lancers - Palladins - Gryphons - Knights = Patk
    Sorcs - Priest - Angels = Matk

    In general, Pdef is better for start. Then pass lvl 40 in dungeons and campaing + mages in duels/arena, Mdef becomes pretty necessary on you and troops.

    Lancers , Palladins can help in low lvls to do dmg and tank for you.
    After lvl 25 you can chose to go for gryphons or stick with pallys to wait for lvl 40 troops. I suggest to skip gryphons so you don't spend more daru's on em to keep pally's lvling till you get knights or Angels.

    Now for Angels or Knights : 2 Schools here. Knights with aoe dmg and tankyness is the ''logical'' thing to let them tank for you while you build your rage, etc. Or, Angels. They does a pretty good heal it seems. So no one know can really tell i think if this heal is good enough, cause it heals always the lowest hp on the team, so them usually. It makes em loose a turn to make some dmg to the enemy troops. And, since they are squishy they ''must'' be behind you, making you more ahead in hp lost in front of your opponent.

    But those heals... may be they will sustain more than the dmg received at real high lvl ( pass 60 may be ? i don't know... ) But I don't hink they ever will.

    Just my 2 cents.


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      What is the point of your troop count? Does it help you in battle at all? or is it just there to bug you and make sure you keep your troops recruited?


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        Originally posted by Auylia View Post
        What is the point of your troop count? Does it help you in battle at all? or is it just there to bug you and make sure you keep your troops recruited?
        troop count is the amount of troops u can take in battle
        if they die u recruit
        high troop count = less time u recruit them
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          Ah Okay. Thank you.


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            Not only that... The troop count is the amout of stacking troops IN battle which means the multiplier they got to calculate the HP they have in battle. Like if you boost troop count + charisma as hell... ur troops wont ever die in campaing or PvP duels rolf. But is it worth it to pay so much for this in kyanite and charisma gems... not sure