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My mage specific tips

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  • My mage specific tips

    Hello, my in game name is Witch and one of the best mages in server 4.

    Here are just a few tips I have regarding mages during my play time experience.

    as far as skills take everything until lvl 24 then only put into the following:

    1 into each of the following:
    lightning bolt, rain of fire, heart elemental, mana master, restoration, castinator, and healing empowerment, delphic frenzy and thunderer.

    Then you want to work on maxing heart elemental and mana master. These are huge advantage passives.

    leave delphic frenzy at 1 as it is not worth any more invested for it's rage consumption. You only got the 1 cause you want to get thunderer to lvl 2 asap for it's importance in world boss.

    you want to max healing empowerment, primarily for the +20% magic def boost. that requires lvl 2 restoration.

    then you want to get to lvl 4 lightning bolt and lvl 4 rain of fire. This is where it makes a huge jump in dmg on your rain of fire which is your most important skill in pvp fights in 1v1 duel, group arena, and battlegrounds.

    Why not more healing skills?
    I added more healing at the cost of not taking thunderer or delphic on my lvl 40 mage. This was a mistake in retrospect. I thought it would help more in battlegrounds and catacombs, but it had unforeseen consequences. First, your better off just attacking damage wise then doing suntoria until late game where your health will make the 5-6% health gain worth it. In catacombs where I thought it would help the most, it made it much worse short term as well. Now is my troops keep getting healed some they are surviving more which is what I had wanted, but the unintended side effect was that all my heals were hitting them instead of me. This would bring my health very low by the time they died and I did not have enough time to recover before I then too died.

    In retrospect you want your troops to stay alive a while doing damage, but you really want them to die off around mid fight allowing you to heal yourself then back to full and then get to attack twice p/round with a skill and auto attack which you can't do while your troops are alive either. This also generates more rage quickly allowing you to keep healing yourself when the timer is back up every time. By adding thunderer it also takes down the bosses much faster as well as slowing there casting timers.

    Yet the real good reason for going thunderer 2 is the world boss. You are able to keep the same chain going but replacing 1 lightning bolt with 1 lvl 2 thunderer every time you can (which becomes quite a lot) and increasing your damage and net gains tremendously.

    How to do the world boss:
    your normal chain is:
    mash lightning bolt at loading screen so it will go off at start. Then watch your troops attack then the boss attack. Then right when your character starting animation for auto attack hit lightning bolt again so you perform both an auto attack and lightning bolt in a row. Then watch troops attack and right when the boss attacks hit your lightning bolt in the middle of it's attack animation. Then watch as your character does an auto attack and a lighting bolt attack.

    You just add another auto attack + lightning bolt for every round your able to survive.

    (Once you have 50 rage saved up)
    Mash thunderer at loading screen and do the qte sequence for 25% extra dmg once you can see screen. Because of longer cast time you will watch your troops attack, then your skill go off. But it will go off before the boss attacks. so once the boss attacks, again hit lightning bolt once your character starts his/her animation and your back in your normal chain again.

    Because of castinator (and the set bonus from catacombs for chance at less rage cost as well) you can start doing back to back thunderers having over 50 rage in the next boss fight after you just used it in the previous one.

    Other tips:
    your rain of fire at lvl 4 is better than your lightning bolt at lvl 4 on single enemies. your rain of fire is doing 134% + 25%qte for about 159% dmg. Your lightning bolt is only doing 108% + 75dmg. This means if rain of fire is up use it, even on single targets. This is why it's such a bread and butter skill.

    In team arena, get that 35pvp set asap. It helps us mages the most out of all classes. Not only is mdef the lowest on most other players already compared to pdef, but it allows for a nice chain of rain of fire - lightning bolt - rain of fire in the first 3 rounds of a group fight. sometimes you will be able to get it all off without waiting if the skills used in first 2 rounds are sort of slow. Other times you may have to wait 1-3 seconds before getting that 2rd rain of fire off in 3rd round, but the combo of 2 rain of fires in 3 rounds is devastating in pvp group fights.

    Be sure to use your restoration heal during battlegrounds to keep your health up and win many more fights than you would have otherwise for more honor.

    Personally I went the non-crit route and just did matk, pdef and health. I was able to hit extremely hard still and very tanky. I used the +%dmg , no crit chance astral as well. Just depended on my +20% mdef passive from healing empowerment, + the mdef from all my int stat increases. If really needed more mdef I just switched in my mdef astral for my health or pdef one on selective boss fights in cata or mage duels.

    Just wrote 2 other very long threads, one a 37 tip one and the last my constructive feedback as I am quitting this game. Due to this I am a little tired writing all these posts and stopping here. I will check back in next few days for any feedback on this post or answer any questions.

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    thanks this is very helpful.


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      talon, your tips are the most helpful, and all my guild mages use them


      • #4 guide around for attack mages.Easily achievable need to be a cash player.
        Thanks for sharing this
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          It is possible to do double atk in cata with troops alive, the timing is just lot more sensitive.
          Another tip: at worldboss, start with mashing rof 3-4 times then mash w-a-s-d, starts out with a rof and at lvl 4 its alot stronger then bolt. In world boss round 4 (you need knights or angels) the rof should be done cooling down. Right after boss hits your troop, push rof and do w-a-s-d for qte. Doing it right enables you to do normal-rof AND making your troops do a double turn, with knights this is highly efficient as it can add for me ~1-2k more coins/daru for the 'kill' (with about 7k matk and will dest)

          Also i recently noticed that doing doubles on wb has changed. Before it used to be animation-SPAM BOLT, now I can do bolt right after boss hit (like the round 4 rof) and if I dont do it to early, i succed with every double.

          Tip for crypts: once you got angels/knights position yourself as tank (backrow on eyes, the bolt hits backrow only) and if you know how to double, using suntoria and blessed light keeps troops alive (i have done this with my knights, so should be rather easy with angels) the double gives 12 rage a turn, and that along with X ring set + castinator should make you have enough rage.

          small tip: in DUEL do not always spam bolt, one of the reasons why AI does double on you, is that each turn you have to wait 1 sec for CD on bolt, which makes them 1 sec faster, AI mg does not have this problem. So doing Bolt-normal-bolt/rof- normal(bolt if rof) normally saves me from the painful doubling of archers (1 double often happends in longer fights) and knights... mages doesn't double on you a lot.. but be careful

          EDIT: not to be confusing, some of these are my own tips and not feedback on your guide, but I dont have the patience atm to write my own guide, so I hoped you could perhaps add them to yours that is easy and helpful...

          edit 2: in later lvls the lack of skill lvls will probably cause problems, ~45+ when you need purify and preferably blessed light & suntoria/regen 2+ for multi dungeons (atleast if you wanna try doing nightmare) This is an all type build - I assume - so adding a tipe about focusing on getting BL(you get purify on the way and BL is awesome in cata and mp) once you hit 40-42 could help ppl finding runs and clearing cata.
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            still not able to hit doubles....can someone explain again,more clearly,exactly what to do? will be a great help
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              u need to time your lightning bolt at the earliest movement of your normal attack, the u'll be able do both normal attack & bolt in 1 turn =]
              I don't need a plan.....just a goal, the others.....will follow on their own.


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                usually you can do double hit after you hit Lightning Bolt (waiting for cooldown of ROF), it will take 1 second cooldown but when its useable again, dont hit it.. instead wait for your character's stance when it will launch a normal attack then hit it.

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                  For me I got PVP set. It gave 30 rage mininum as you know. But it take so long to get up to 50 rage. I would rather use those rage for Rain of Fire, or healing. I mean my Rain of Fire deal like 6k+ total damage for each target and only cost 16 rage. While Thunder deal 8k damage but cost 50. Which take less time and worth rage use?.
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                    como incrementar mi rage?


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                      how to increase my rage?