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    Firstly! something that has been in the game for about 3 months is being totally abused. And yes this forum being "General Support". I thought I would ask how do people quote "DESTROY" my dimension that I have worked so hard for (basic, int, adv) etc. How do they attack in the first place? Is this from the Dimensional War Pack in the shop?!? Which means it's a casher paradise. not cool.

    Point 1) Someone can walk into your dimension and plunder it and destroy it within 15 minutes, no joke I have a log to prove it. And I was of course asleep or in the shops.

    Point 2) How the hell can you "CATCH" the plunderer as it says when you are lets say 300k BR and the guy in there is like 1mil BR and you get 1-shotted by the all new Eudaemon he has. Epic!!

    Point 3) it's completely unfair and bully like. All players should be able to enjoy the basic PvE environment of the game and not have it ripped up by some over-cashed bully with a fat wallet or an older character and forced to PvP when the rewards have absolutely nothing to do with PvP (for the loser, no idea about the victor, I'm not a baby killer like some high BR ppl. You are chasing people away from wartune again.

    Point 4) I suppose tonight I will just put my face in the pillow and my bum in the air because I know some dude is gonna destroy my dimensions and there is no possible way of me defending them or even kicking them out as they are very high BR.

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    I agree with you. For a person to spend time and effort on their dim and then op people come in and take it over is absurd. On our server we have vindictive players who will do it "just because." Most of us are really thinking why do dim now. need to do dim so you can get the 5 Eud shards you need to get another kid. That's the only reason you have to do them. So hopefully you can do just the bare minimum so no one can come take it over but you still get the 5 shards you need.


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      I do not know why they need to make everything pvp. I liked the old dimensions better. why not make the shop pvp then people can fight over the items instead.


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        I will stop open dimencions maps.
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          We have seen both love and hate of the new PvP Dimensions, admittedly on the forums, more of the 'hate'. Reading through the introduction to the new Dimension PvP, there could be a few options you could try so you are not plundered.

          * Try not to finish more than 50% of any single dimension ~ granted you are likely to miss out on a lot of rewards, but you will still collect the daily rewards from the completed floors/dimensions.

          * Do not build a base to transfer to.. just transfer as per normal to each floor ~ I haven't tried this one, but reading through the guide, seems this will need to be 'plundered' to be able to take someone's dimension. Please feel free to correct me here if I am wrong.

          Hopefully this helps. For those who want to take part of the challenge, happy plundering!
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            * Try not to finish more than 50% of any single dimension ~ granted you are likely to miss out on a lot of rewards, but you will still collect the daily rewards from the completed floors/dimensions.[/QUOTE]

            i think you need to read rules of plundering again

            Occasions when Dimensions are not allowed to be entered:

            • Dimensions that have been started the same day.
            • If the resources in the Dimension are lower than 50%.
            • The number of players in the Dimension has reached the upper limit.

            that mean if 49< is left . , so as soon a you cleared 51> you are safe. . so you cant do anything to not to be plundered the second day of dimension

            and not building bases won't help you have a base at start , and you capture boss bases on floors ,
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