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    I have done all my campaigns and now have to redo some at hero level , some I have been able to do and change them from A to SSS others wont . Is there something I am doing wrong ? I have tried with/without a sylph no troops afk. It dos not change and it is on more than one campaign map . Is there a way around it ?
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    Do everything as usual but when you reach the last bar(life)of the last boss, finish off with Herc/Eve Delphic

    Maybe you are taking too much damage, this can arise from troops, so try removing them

    If you are aiming for SSS, never go afk(you do very little damage)
    Always go with Herc/Eve to do a lot of damage

    Good luck!
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      I have a few pointers in this post. Try working through these and it should get you that SSS Good luck!
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