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Get last flash _ and still cant log in

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  • Get last flash _ and still cant log in

    SO... as u see it in the title

    I can't log in.
    Fix it pls.

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    You're not giving enough info by a long shot, though... If you want help, please elaborate... Think about questions like:

    - Which game do you play? (Are you even talking about Wartune??)
    - Which browser do you use?
    - Which platform do you play on?
    - Have you tried a different browser?
    - Have you cleared cache, cookies and flash files?
    - If you play with R2, have you tried the mini client?
    - What server and time zone do you play on?
    - Have you checked your internet speed?
    - Does the issue still occur when you use a different computer?

    Etc etc etc.... We can't help with the information you're giving us in your post here...
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