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Bug Report Mega-Thread: Wartune

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Name:	wartune bug verlorene dropps sylph expedition.png
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ID:	1722376
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Name:	sylph.png
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ID:	1722377

    character information:
    Darkesttime S49 Rift of Aklorn

    A clear description of the problem: Ive beaten the Elite bosses but didnt get all the correspondig rewards. As you can see in the screenshots i did get only rewards for 2 of 4 elites ( 40 divinity stones each and 80 in sum). A possible cause could be the fact that in 2 fights only the friends sylph survived.
    IGN: Darkesttime
    Server: S23 (Forsaken Forest)
    Level: 128+
    Guild: Shagrayala


    • display error where certain building appear twice and out of place in home cityClick image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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ID:	1722381

      annob server S64 Baedcove tower
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      client : R2games
      Character name : annob
      Server: S64 Baedcove Tower
      Alliance: One Piece


      • EF nm bug


        patk boss start with 5x hp bar and never dies
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        • char name - Purple ; Server: [S453]
          +7 level cloth synh no rewards (show for wings 2 times)
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Name:	Untitled.jpg
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ID:	1722650


          • Hi all
            Not sure if it belongs here - The Gem Master event cannot count with gems socketed in artifacts or halidoms. I had 10 gems of the given value but no option to collect reward. Once I removed a gem from artifact, I was able to get rewards for Gem master event. So try this, if you're experiencing the same problem.

            P.S: Feel free to remove or rewrite this if it's irrelevant to this thread.


            • BLANK POPUP NOTICE

              Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune-blank-note-1.png
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ID:	1722792 Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune-blank-note-2.png
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ID:	1722793

              Character info: Oyasumi , s94 EU , gmt+2 , R2

              Description: This popup notice spawns right after you lose in eudaemon arena and if you press it, it will guide you to blacksmith tab refine.

              Thread link


              • S: 552
                Nick: Wingnut

                Well goat looking like deer..

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Name:	Bez*tytu?u.jpg
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ID:	1723079


                • Originally posted by boop1268 View Post
                  Character info : Jbird S60 Laeves Fort

                  Bug : THOR - random deflect effect while using delphic roaring Lion

                  description of problem : a random deflect effect that happens when the Thor delphic Roaring Lion even if the opponent
                  doesn't have deflect astral equipped

                  Last edited by JBirdie; 01-18-2016, 11:10 AM.

                  Boas Tetas, S60 Leaves Fort
                  Mage lvl.80 ~8M BR, 5xCW Sorceror EU zone
                  One Swallow doensn't make a summer but a Bird crafts a victory


                  • I didn't see the absence of Guild battle since rollback in here. I know it's true for Kabam and Aeria, at least This issue would be important to add to the 'mega bug report thread' I think.

                    On kabam s105, we still see round 3 results from weeks ago. Therefore, Guild battle will not start. I tried a SS, but it is too big to upload.
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                    Reldra was here....


                    • Disappared Class ADVANCED ; TATTO ; DRAGON SOUL
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Name:	60 lvl legendary stone.jpg
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ID:	1723294
                        archaeology item is not in the handbook to exchange. I got the 200 required lvl 60 legendary stones and did the exchange. I went into the handbook to find what grouping it was listed with and there isnt one. 60 lvl legendary stones can not be used to make anything in the handbook, 50, 70 and 80 lvl legend stones can.
                        Character: HotPink, r2 games, s2 server


                        • I just put in a ticket for this...I was in CSGB, frozen up on the battle screen at the end of battle so I refreshed. All I can get back to is a black screen only showing my buffs at the top. I can only use hot keys to open menus. I had to pm a guildie so they could let the rest of the guild know I was not awol for csgb!!!! I logged on old mini, new client and 4 different browsers to get the same black screen! Seriously this is f'd upClick image for larger version

Name:	refreshincsgb.jpg
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ID:	1723381
                          S385 CrimsonLair


                          • Hello

                            Soo my problem is just a drop in a ocean or/and, smile in a funeral, anyway here it is

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	7gear.JPG
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ID:	1723762[ATTACH=CONFIG]159247[/ATTACH

                            Soo, as one can see, there is 1 gear missing in the euda's equip. And as you know, i cannot take gear away from euda -like i can from toon or sylph, so question

                            Where is my lvl.2 Scource Mages armor? Does it mean that she is running with me naked, when ever i wanna deploy her?...

                            .... and i'm not sure if i wanna get correction into this 'bug" at all, . . . .. only consern is that she is lvl. 2

                            soo please give me more Blood of Zeusitems, so i can lvl. her up to be able make more runs with me, naked.
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                            • Animation Issue

                              Video Displaying the Issue:

                              Character Info:
                              JGinger, Kabam 123

                              Bug Classification:

                              Description of the problem:
                              After the maintenance on 3/3/16, my character was using an archer animation instead of the mage animation. After i refreshed I was still using the archer animation instead of the mage animation.
                              Last edited by asukinka; 03-04-2016, 10:17 PM.


                              • I log on for the 1st time today and my devotion has not reset. I cannot collect on the quests in quest tracking. However my blessing wheel was reset to 10%. Also my hot events for sylph arena and blessing wheel did not reset Click image for larger version

Name:	devotionnotreset.jpg
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ID:	1723976 Just did my 1st battle ground of the day and honor didn't reset either. So I gained no honor for my 17 kills!!!
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                                S385 CrimsonLair