At the moment, ticket numbers are not being displayed on the screen or sent to the email inbox. Some people are able to get the email after Support sends an actual reply, but we know some are not receiving this mail either.

This issue will hopefully be resolved soon, but in the meantime, you may need our help with retrieving your ticket numbers.

If after 24 hours on a business day, 48 hours on the weekend, you do not see an email, which will include your ticket number at the very bottom, please provide us the following:

Exact Character Name (including proper capitalization and any special/alt code lettering)
The exact title or a general description of your issue

You may create a new thread or send a private message to any of the Wartune Moderators or Mentors with this information.

Note: Platform means the site in which you play from, such as R2, Kabam, Kong, Armor, etc.

Some R2 platform players are able to see their tickets by being logged in on the account the ticket was sent from and going to When you are given your ticket number, you can view your ticket at this link as well.