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Changing In-game-nickname and Symbols

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  • Changing In-game-nickname and Symbols

    Why arent Symbols not allowed anymore or if they are which ones are allowed to be used?
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    It may very well be a case of that people were using the symbols to bypass the word filters which are in place.. because at one point it was getting really really bad. Though I must say that would only be speculation on my point as I can not guarantee that was the reason this went in I am afraid.

    Magi Edit: Should symbols be allowed I am afraid I could not say which ones are, because if I did I would be misleading you and I do not desire to do that
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      If we're talking about the use of such on character, sylph, or eud names, then it's the rats at the development department who took them out about 3-4 patches ago. I wasn't too happy of it because I liked using spaces to put a unique name to my items (first and last names; not really coincidental) instead they want me to bunch up stuff and I won't go for that.
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