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    the previous version was far superior
    My Day-O it was! Damn thing (previous version) was annoying as Day-O as you close it and it opens when it wants to, or when you are doing something like Guild Altar and you tried to click onto a space to go someplace (and God forbid it took long before you can move) and you wind up hitting an oncoming icon that opens up to something you have to wait to close out (as half of them have the X and the rest doesn't). At least this version, the icon bar stay closed like it should be in the first Day-O place. No thank you.

    I will say this, though: the icon bar as now needs a bit tweaking to be the best there is since sliced bread. I am hoping the Game Box will make its return as well as the Time Box (so all those events can go into there like it was before), but hoping they will put all those spender based icons into a box as well (name it Money Box for all I care) or move them to the last page since they are not of a priority and reserve the first page for notification type of icons like Online Rewards, Return Rewards, Contest Rewards, etc. that people can open up to see and collect as needed. Also, the icon page needs to be locked onto the page it's on instead of resetting back to the first page of icons each time a collection based icon is clicked; until of course, when you refresh, it should reset back to the first page.
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      Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
      but it does need to be suggestions that fit what the icon bar is right now, which is a double line with a scroll bar.
      how about making it Manual so player can customize it i mean we can select what we want to see in 1st page and 2nd page


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        Regarding lag:

        The major cause of lag seems to be inventory update.

        Here's a simple routine to test it out (please take note of the speed when you do the operations):

        1) Adding items to inventory causes major lag:
        a. Collect any game reward that sends some items to your inventory, such as a check-in reward. (slow)
        b. Collect any game reward that does not send any item to your inventory, such as collecting gold. (fast)
        The speed difference is quite obvious on my end.

        2) Removing items from inventory causes major lag:
        a. Use any item in inventory, such as doing mount refinement a few times. (slow)
        b. Use any resource that doesn't remove nor generate inventory items, such as adding 1 guild contribution. (fast)

        Regarding icon resets:

        Since the very beginning of this game 5 years ago, this list of icons are constantly "refreshed" to ensure the appropriate icons appear and disappear as applicable.
        For example, the game:
        1) makes a returned player rewards icon appear when 3 players lvl. 50+ have returned,
        2) makes a returned player rewards icon disappear after you have claimed the reward.

        Those changes are dynamic. The game has to constantly check for conditions that could trigger an update to this icon list.
        After each check, the game refreshes (resets) this list of icons, no matter this list changes or not.
        This check-and-reset seems to happen for every time the player clicks an icon on this list, and also seems to happen periodically.
        That was the root cause of the constant refresh.

        This game mechanics has not changed after Patch 7.5.
        And because every refresh resets the entire list of all icons, you end up being sent back to the first page
        1) for every time you click an icon,
        2) for every time a new rewards icon appears or disappears, and
        3) periodically.
        Patch 7.5 creates new annoyances because the icons are paged and you have to look for the icon again (could be on same or different page) if its position changes.

        However, the true root cause is that there are too many icons, and half of them are unused for most of the time.
        This is basically a modern version of the classical menu problem in user interface design, where long menus with too many list items tend to be annoying, unreadable and ignored, even if all such items are important. A common "simple solution" is to categorize them into smaller sub-menus so they become more readable and usable, but the drawback is that users have to take extra steps towards any feature, which is just as annoying and confusing. That was part of the motivation to add customized shortcuts, recent lists and search function in the Start menu, along with other additions.
        In the case of Wartune, it would be too much overhead to add any customizeability to the icon list, and possibly not easy to change the game mechanics either.

        Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
        You mean revert the change so it's back to how it was before?

        Before patch, there was one horizontal arrow, and all icons are flushed to the screen whenever they were refreshed.
        There was no way to keep this list collapsed over time.

        The change I'm proposing is to let all icons show up on screen as before, but only when the list is expanded.
        If the player collapses the icons, they should remain collapsed.
        The shiny part about this patch is the Collapse function. It indeed helps tremendously.

        That's one simple approach.

        An alternative approach is to force all "constant icons" on fixed pages, and all "changeable icons" (those that could appear and disappear) on one page.
        And, when player is working on a certain page, they shall remain on that page.
        The order of the icons seem to remain constant, so changing the order is certainly doable.
        Forcing the icons onto separate pages doesn't seem as trivial, nor is keeping the player on the same page.
        But if the icons still keep changing position and could still jump to another page, and we are still constantly sent back to the first page, it's still as annoying and the icons are still as hard to find as before.


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          The change I'm proposing is to let all icons show up on screen as before, but only when the list is expanded.
          On a computer screen that is bigger than 900 vertical resolution, the icons of the old version would be on average 3-4 lines. Mine is 1080p so I have it on 3 lines with the expanse of 1480 horizontal. On a mobile device, however (in my case, a ZTE running Puffin mobile browser), the icons are 3 horizontal by an infinite amount vertical that it is hard sometimes to get out of "theater" mode and zoom downwards to get the end and collapse it).

          I liked this configuration for one reason, it stood in place after a lot of things were done whereas the old version it would pop out when it feels like, when you collect an item, or randomly after a fight. What is the point of the collapse button (on that version) if the darn thing won't close like you want it to do? I was glad that something like this came along and had been happy with it ever since. However, before it can be a "perfect" interface, a few improvements and adjustments will have to be made (and revisited) as well as attention to detail is a must because we cannot have it all broken after it came this close in being a good change.
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            So your happy that hiding stays hidden. But what about the way the icons move around and when you use an icon on 2nd page it automatically goes back to 1st page - so you have to go back to 2nd page to activate another icon ???? Yes everyone is happy about hidden meaning hidden but they could have simply added that to the previous icon layout. Nobody is complaining about the hiding of the icon bar - its the way the icon bar acts that we are complaining about.

            Also everything you click on makes the game freeze - just look at the icons when you collect online rewards or collect from hot events and you will see. Also occurs when you are collecting archeology - just before the bar completes the game freezes.
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              So your happy that hiding stays hidden. But what about the way the icons move around and when you use an icon on 2nd page it automatically goes back to 1st page - so you have to go back to 2nd page to activate another icon ????
              I've quoted elsewhere, but I would be happy to quote here. It needs a bit of tweaking, and MemoryLane has assured us that this will get looked into come today (Monday), and either an emergency maint will happen or will be put forth onto the maint that is coming up. While I am happy that it stays put like it should in the first place, they need to still work on it to ensure it would be an interface that is user friendly. Personally, I would like to see the following boxes to be made up or returned: Game Box (I love Lycus and hanging out with her but she just put out a restraining order on me for smothering her with my units that it turned into a block party instead), Time Box with all those timed events back into it, Spender's Chest for those "not-so-important" spendy icons that we don't care about any more but if spenders like they can get into. I also wanted to see the precedence items (notification based icons) to be on the first page as well as the ability to keep the pages locked onto the current one, no matter if you open or collapse the icon bar. It shouldn't have to reset to the first page unless you refresh.

              However, I also want to see the Hot Events icon to be worked on so it doesn't light up each time you open something in inventory, retrieve a mail item, obtain a drop, synth an item/gem, or even collect from your farms (crops and animals). The only time it should light up is if you have done something that the event calls for, and not when there is no event for it.
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                I imagine this would be considered part of the lag that came with the patch but collecting gold piles in DI is really bad The whole time you are running around, your toon keeps stopping for a split second. Everyone in the team was experiencing the same thing so it wasn't just me


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                  What is really annoying is this .........
                  It did not happen on the test servers - we had no problems with freezing when collecting or synthing etc, however when the patch went global we then had this problem.
                  So I'm guessing that something was changed between the test and the global, which has caused the problems with freezing.
                  The icon bar was stated that it was rubbish, but nothing was changed.


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                    The only thing that was noted between the two time frames is the complete removal of BI from the EXP rewards section. The test servers on day 1 had the BI removed while everyone else on the remaining servers had it (on the old version) which gave everyone else a week more to do BI and collect for rewards (if needed). When Day 8 came (the release to global), they did something that wrecked it.
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                      Collecting reward piles in Dark Dragon Lair is also time consuming as after each collection the game freezes. It also means that there is no chance of completing DDL anymore.
                      Collecting the tattoo piles however is no problem - no freeze during or after collecting.

                      Add: just walking thru sylph atoll is on/off freezing. Walking thru cloud city is also on/off freezing.

                      I'm guessing that this is the way the game will continue as no emergency maintenance has been done to solve this freezing. Although we did have an emergency maintenance which made things a lot worse.
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                        The DI lag when collecting is very, very annoying. My team barely finished and we usually have about 2 minutes left after last boss.


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                          why hasnt a mod or someone higher up look at this yet smh no wonder nothing gets fixed cuz they dont seem to care u would think after 5 years they would have a more stable game like get real wartune. im stop playing this now no point when they can fix stuff or rather never fixed much when people ask for it
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                            Basically, I think I know where the lag originates (or where did they went wrong):
                            • Day 1, they sent the patch to the test servers. Everything was going okay in the test servers (I know because I had a test character/guild) as well as the servers without the patch (my home cluster mainly).
                            • Day 8, they patched the entire player base (both test and non-test servers) with the patch.
                            • Day 8, time after, there were reports of players not able to attack others and/or other things (hide all within the game). THIS WAS THE LAST TIME WE HAD NO LAG WHATSOEVER!!!!
                            • Day 8, emergency maintenance happened to supposedly fix this problem; sadly enough, it got worse now that the game loads a bit longer, items are delayed in collecting, upgrading, etc., and in my case, had shown (Not Responding) momentarily (it didn't before) on the title bars of the windows I used to play the game when I move from screen to the next or access an interface like Hot Events.
                            What have they done? I don't know, but I can bet dollars to pesos to Hong Kong dollars (or whatever currency is there) that this is the problem. I much rather have the hide all and deal with not being able to hit a player than to play in this Day-O that somehow those jokers of devs do not know what (in their own program) they took out/put in.

                            It's time to put on the big girl/boy pants and fix this junk.
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                              The lagging problem got worse. Simple task like changing give me a "Not responding" in my browser (Edge). Somebody needs to fix that **** before everybody lost patience and stop playing.


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                                Oh man so many lag and delay related issues.

                                I like to say in 30+ years as a developer I have yet to see once ever even one mistake like these ever make it to production. It really draws a novice picture or lack of corporate standards in development, lack of good programming practices etc.. lack of even basic assessments of impacts on existing with the new modules. If one of my guys even let one of these slip to production they would not even wait to get their pink slip! Wham bub-bye! Every one of these should have been caught in development or pre-alpha.

                                I do find it hilarious though, it is likely the primary reason I am still here! This is an excellent training ground for my developers as to absolutely everything to NEVER EVER do. You all know those training videos we all watch at work in courses of the things you never do and watch stupid people do stupid things where often they get hurt or killed , we all laugh... well.... You should see the hilarious training videos for developers, developers need training videos also and the videos need to be of developers. I actually love it! The end of all them videos is simple, do any of these things and your either dead or FIRED!

                                Cooldowns everywhere horribly slow, so slow in some cases its best to not even click speedup!
                                DI lag is massive with freezing, almost completely unplayable assuming one wants what they got in the weeks prior
                                Initial load of game is ok until the cloud city, there is a 5-45 second delay waiting for the wartune bargraph to appear where you only see the button bar. (I love it the patch notes said optimized loading)
                                Errors in exiting mpd's with an exit pad, more than ever you must refresh to exit.
                                Exiting henna lab fights takes you back to cloud city where of course you can't get into henna lab so clearly you were not there to begin with.
                                Mail items collection now horribly slow, if you forget to pay for your extra inventory space, whoops, will take 15 min to collect from mail.
                                Enemy HP bar showing inaccurate remaining HP, toons with no hp still targeted and selecting skills - patch made issue worse.

                                Errors in Eudy Arena
                                - Skills showing selectable that are currently selected 4 seconds before the skills go off
                                - Selecting skills that show available if one is already selected and not shown can cause support eudy to completely fail
                                - ok you get the point, there is piles of skill errors that will cause failures from never being able to select a skill again to eudy's with no animation and you watch them die

                                Dreamland - often clicking on a cloud will cause the entire page to shift up in some cases almost completely off the display area
                                Willpowers - Most can never name their eudy without paying the 10 bucks! Make them all free! This eudy error existed since day 1 in eudys. I have almost all my eudys can't be named even though its free the 1st time. None of my willpower would allow them to be named.
                                Why is there a separate willpower and eudy panel? Sylphs are not that way! More hunting for something and why does the willpower panel not open to the active willpower, all the other sylph and eudy panels do!
                                Wilds! OMG - auto path fails constantly and toon gets stuck. Often the collection bar graph is still growing when the toon as already run to the next location but cannot collect due to the last collection incomplete.
                                Wilds! Boss's show as there but if you try to attack it says they are not there.
                                Arena - Lag and skill errors are worse. Select a rune at the wrong time and wham, auto attack for 3 rounds as it will not allow you to select a skill. HP bar shows inaccurate HP.
                                Tattoo cleansing - horribly slow unbarable - on my alt it took hours to use up some henna. To add insult to injury +1800 - 2000 is +1 per cleanse, that's like 40 min to do (300 cleanses per hour)! It should be 9 seconds! There are 8 tattoos, just to get the last 200 points takes nearly 6 hours of clicking since patch.

                                Buttons - OMG horrible - simple solution, we want game play area, make the buttons the size of the title bonus/tech buttons - hover over shows the current button as a tooltip
                                The tech/title buttons are 7mm x 7mm with a 1mm buffer (on my display), allowing for HH:MM under a button would be 7MM wide by 12MM tall, this would allow for 54 buttons with hour:Min timers in the same space as 1 panel uses now. I'm sure we don't have 36 buttons today so it will increase play area which is fairly important. If the button is ready to be used put a green outline around it, go for simple, don't need super fancy graphics intensive lag generating buttons, their just buttons. Its not fireworks! Oohh and Aaww is not needed for every little thing.

                                Online rewards and likely anything with a timer - if on the back page of buttons the timer runs extremely slow. i.e. on 1 toon it was on the top button page, I collected 2 toons at the same time. The next time the collection was available on toon 1, toon 2 showed 5 min remaining. I collected toon 1, toon 1 became available again and toon 2 still had 3 min (so that so far was 90 minutes for a 30 min count down), I almost collected a 4th time on toon1 before toon 2 was ready for the 2nd time.

                                Anything to do with Hot events is now 1/10 the speed it use to be, collection is painfully slow.

                                Blacksmith - Synthesize - horribly almost unbearably slow for all gem types. Each synth has a 3-8 second delay before you can select the next item. I have a fast gaming computer whats it like on an average computer....

                                Inventory - always been a problem in this game. Multiple reasons for that including things like newer functions needing old resources. So simply stockpile everything since a player cannot tell what is good from what is worthless. Since inventory space is a necessity to purchase items which I assume is the ultimate goal, having no inventory space is counter productive to that goal. So the solution is divide it into multiple locations and charge the players for it. And to boot do it in a way that causes a huge unfairness to many players. How does that spell happy excited can't wait to play players? I really honestly do not even remotely understand why inventory space is not freely available. I know if I have no space you won't get a penny from me, I know that you constantly adding costs to space means you won't get a penny from me. Why because you made it a problem I have to solve to buy your product.

                                Let me explain, we all deal with inventory everyday in our homes. do we store pots in multiple locations? not likely, is silverware in multiple locations scattered all over the place? Sometimes but in most cased no. Why because it is harder to find having to look in multiple locations. Do you go to multiple places at work to find inventory? no, 1 computer query. Here, its in mail, nope check the vault many pages, nope check the pouch.. can't find it... Do we store every household item in 1 box, nope. Why because its impossible to find. DOes walmart put all products in a pile in 1 corner of the store? nope, organized in sections. Why cannot our inventory be that way? Does walmart charge us to carry items out of the store? nope... Wartune does.. weird.. DOes walmart store the same item in multiple unrelated locations? nope.. Oh man poor walmart lol

                                Inventory here is specific, make it easy to find and not harder to find. Don't follow old rules of build it then wait to get yelled at! Be proactive! Put eudy inventory for free with the eudy panel! Put Sylph inventory in the sylph panel right where it is needed! Put hero equipment inventory with the hero pouch. Make inventory space ample, ditch the vault! Scattered storage is problematic everywhere! The problem constantly gets worse in the game and players complain more and more is that your goal? Put eudy's all in 1 panel with their resources! Not all over the place! Everything is all over the place and getting worse and worse. I am here to play, not spend half my day searching for what is needed, then searching for how many I got in multiple places.

                                This paid for guild vault I see as a bad problem just waiting to happen and it will happen and there will be hundreds of angry players, is that your goal? Many Guild Masters will forget to pay for the inventory space so an entire guild will have to 2 step collect mail a few messages at a time and manually move it to the vault, that opening multiple panels over and over, I don't see excited to play players in this picture. THIS will happen over and over. Making a player responsible for the happiness of multiple players is a setup to failure!

                                The vault pages are completely unfair since all guilds have a different amount of players. Guild costs like these are easily affordable by large established guilds but that is not all the guilds in the system is it, there is more smaller and less established guilds than the latter. A guild of 200 players pays 30M gold per player for 2 pages of vault, a guild of 20 players pays 300M per player, a guild with 1 large player and 20 smaller players that 1 player gets to pay 6 billion gold.

                                My suggestion, put inventory where it is used and drop all these dumb costs that treat each consumer differently, high costs to some, low costs to others for the same product. Having 1 or 2 generic junk boxes to pile everything in make it incredibly and worsening everyday to find anything. I only know what I hear my group talking about and I gotta say I do not hear positive thoughts.

                                Having 1 wheelbarrow to chuck in everything is problematic, more problematic over time as we get more and more items. Breaking that wheelbarrow into 2 wheelbarrows with some insecurity is even worse. Either way its that problem closet that if you open the door everything will fall out! Solve the problem do not worsen it or may players pay for the problem!

                                I know in my business if I make it impossible for a client to take a product I won't sell a thing! Thanks for making it more and more impossible! I know many that appreciate the savings!