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    Meikura001 Our voice as players/ consumers of this content doesn't matter anymore.

    Thats why this is probably one of the worst supported games, because for the value you put in, the support has been lack luster.
    There are people that spend $1000-2000 a week, and still have issues with the game.
    If you assume that the top 100 players put in on average $1500+ a month, you have at least $150,000 just from 1 cluster's revenue. (And theres probably 2-3 clusters per time zone, so we're talking close to over $1M only based on top 100 ranked CS players)
    Whatever each publisher makes from that, you can hire at least a few people to fix issues or at least test them.

    The issue is that this game is not owned by R2, or any other publisher. They dont have their own devs, therefore the actual devs have no ties to this game.
    Devs are probably working on other things besides Wartunes, and it was probably contractual.

    Thats why when we have issues, bugs that we've seen for many years unfixed, or the need from the forum mods to basically video record your issue is to try to convince the devs theres an issue and you should probably take a look at it, something is wrong.

    Even if the dev's fix the issue, it will take months on average. It just seems priority for the game has dropped. Unless your able to get a majority of cashers to stop recharging for the next 3 months, there isn't enough attention for these issues as long as money comes in.

    When you look at the game, theres more sidequests now, but nothing to the main story. Events are on cycles, everyday is a recharge event (these used to be biweekly)
    The focus and creativity has shifted.


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      Today i asked the Elves what the current status is of the lag-issues where one can't collect treasure-piles in DI properly.

      The last words on september 4th 2017 were:
      Hello BazsTard2000,
      Thank you so much. Once they find someting, I will tell you,
      We hope devs can fix the problem ASAP too. ????
      The R2Games Team
      This is getting way out of hands here. The list of items to be fixed is long, the list of items wich are fixed is slim. Fixing gameplay should be no1 priority. This lag-thing is a gamebreaker. That it isn't even fixed in a reasoneble amount of time is even more gamebreaking because why bother sending in tickets when there is no followup? Why bother sending in tickets when there isn't going to be a solution?

      For example, how long does the Spire-bug exists where the dead bosses stay in the screen? Many tickets were created but was there ever a fix? No! This bug is a pure example of how the developers think of fixing things. They give us the finger and continue with counting the big pile of money. I sincerily hope that this lag-thing isn't going to be a second spire-bug and that there is going to be a fix for it but i don't hold my breath for it.


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        Oke, got an answer but it is what i was affraid of.

        R2 Cici replied:

        Dear Player,
        Developers have modified collect and blitz lag problem during today’s maintenance.
        It seems not work well.
        And we will give players’ feedback to them and let them find more solutions.
        Best Regards,
        The R2Games Team
        So after a long maint still no solid fix.


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          hat it isn't even fixed in a reasoneble amount of time is even more gamebreaking because why bother sending in tickets when there is no followup? Why bother sending in tickets when there isn't going to be a solution?
          as submitted by Buuurman

          Thank you. That's what the majority of us are trying to tell the moderators and the R2 staff when it comes to repetitively posting about these shoddy effects that are still affecting game play. I am so glad they did not put in the "language/translation" error bit or I would be having some words as well (maybe that's why they omitted such so they won't read on what I had to say on that subject).

          When we do not have that solid communication/feedback from such, we tend to just move away. In my game time, I had probably made 3 tickets on a single account to which got closed automatically without any generalized feedback from the elf who took it. It gets old to say the same things over and over again, and frankly, I do not blame the players who wish in not taking part of discussions because sometimes I feel the same (beating a dead horse, anyone?).

          The simple solution was already presented on numerous occasions based on what I had observed. They should have revisited such and check to see if they can fix it from there. Instead, they are just Day-O-in' around and making it much worse.
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            The support Elves, and even the R2 Staff all the answers text book or politically correct. However whether or not it gets the actual isue addressed or fix is totally another issue.

            More often than not, those tickets and issue expire and die, and you have to go through the process again.
            Its basically a dont bother me ticket system, the only cases where solution is remedied is login issues, or recharge/balen issue.
            Its been like this for 3+ years now.

            Basically because R2's hands are tied, and the dev's dont really care anymore.