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Arena failure with HP left

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  • Arena failure with HP left

    Now I thought I seen a post talking about this issue already but can't seem to find it now. If needed, merge this thread with that one.

    There is an issue in arena and maybe other arenas where you get a failure but still showing HP left. Now someone said it has to do with willpowers causing it. But I don't think that is the case since I have had this issue before willpowers even came out.

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    this is the similar bug that KS222 posted about. Where as you might see the opponent with 0 HP, while you have plenty, and they still are fighting.

    There has to be a design bug that happens when possibly a person heals as they are about to die, but the system doesn't display their true hp. So the system is misinterpreting the data.

    These are the type of bugs that are frustrating because they just shouldn't happen, but is happening frequently. My guess is that its a code design/limitation just like the World Boss HP can't be adjusted, at some point due to the unlimited growth of players HP values for players are enumerating higher and higher, and would hit some sort of design-play issue.


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      That happened to one of my units during Ares war where it was pitted with another unit of mine. Both took a beating that the battle ended abruptly (similar to the Mayweather/McGregor fight) and I had HP left on Eud and main and was presented with the failure bit, but also the opponent had a slither of HP left and it too was presented with the same.
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        Happens in titan temple a lot


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          Just lost 3x on lvl 5 Titan to this bug! I usually never lose on that level. My health would get to ~.25 of the bar and the whole fight would just end, right as I'm trying to cast a heal of some sort. THREE TIMES, this is so messed up


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            I think this has to do with bleeds a lot of the time. They don't always register properly to display, but they count off on the server, so you end up dying from them without realizing it.

            Or sometimes there's a failure to get the right order of actions, so even though you healed, the server saw you die before it happened, so you lose.

            There may also be some cutoff for showing actions taken when the lag is bad. And even if you aren't the one lagging, if one of your opponents is, their attacks might not show up at all, but the damage does get deducted.

            So, my thought is that it's a display bug, and it's not actually cheating you out of a win. I have no explanation for Meikura seeing both sides in a fight lose, however. That clearly shouldn't be possible.


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              Happens a lot in Titan Temple for both Tune and Eud/Will
              Seems to be worst on willpowers imho