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Titan temple skill not working

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  • Titan temple skill not working

    In titan temple the Titan Force is not starting the titan skills so when you use the Titan Force nothing happens.
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    This bug is actually not NEW....its been going on for over 3 months now....


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      yeah some of my titan skills dont work in there . is that a buff or these people you are fighting can debuff your titan skillls without you knowing.


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        this event is very hard now by new willpower kids ,,i cant clear anymore stage 3 ...


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          The Titan Force does work, it is just ad-hoc as to when it does. I have used it many times and got to use my titan skills over again. This could be lag causing the issues, or using the skill at the time your casting a normal skill. As the skill works for me, it would be great if we could get a video showing the issue so we could report it. At times we can not re-produce such issues so need those videos Thanks guys for letting us know your having some issues.
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