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imperial scrolls for circuit quests

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    If we liked doing all of the quests, there wouldn't be a discussion about wanting imperial scrolls so that those quests can be skipped without having to use balens. It will be far more likely that imperial scrolls are added to other places than it would be for the devs to lower quest requirements.
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      I can do without the killing 30 bit as it would take me about a few MPD runs to fulfill that requirement. On Bounty Quests, I have seen some where it's just 10 through a solo. I am not going to ask on changing it, but this is where I would love to use the Imperial Scroll to skip on. However, if some are showing up that require a jump into KH related territory then I am going to be out of luck as I am not KH yet (still trying to max out my legendary talents); 35 bound balens do stack up.
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