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    hi all today freez new the game and can not join wb arena bugs lags in DI when i collect 1 2 sec freez and and and whan make only 1 maintance what is good ? when i collect intem same lasg freez what think R2 give all peps money for lags and bugs ???

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    Normal for the devs and R2 support elves is having all the lag inducing items and presenting no fixes and/or solutions in sight (other than those "game breaking" language errors). They can't even admit to their faults, so they shift the blame right at the player in saying it's at their end instead.

    Going on almost 3 weeks and so much Day-O around, you could have thought they would give us an update about the problem; at the very least.
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      it would be interesting to see what goes on in the "test server" that people play on to test the new features.
      Maybe theres not enough of a server load to see the issues.
      I dont understand the point of a test server group if they're not seeing or reporting this issue, yes its good to see features and what not, but also it should gauge performance as well.

      You might be right Meikura001 , they'll tell the user to clear cache, update browser, update flash etc.

      My suggestion for the devs is to strip all those dumb shortcuts and icons on top, and put them as NPC's in town. Keep a hot events and world boss only.

      If you're going to haggle people for recharge everyday or 6 out of 7 days, why not just put that icon in hot events? More icon's doesn't show that the game is being developed or theres more content


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        Takashi007x Exactly. I can only upgrade as much that I was given. Up until a month ago, I have to use Firefox to view Youtube videos since Chrome has a problem (stops loading halfway or gives the HTML 5 error) playing them.

        The release of this patch on day 1 on the test servers (as selected by R2) was the best by far (no lag); I used a character on s99 to do all my testing (as much as I can since it's a low level one). However, after day 8 (the time where the patch is put out mainstream), there was a problem where no one was able to hit someone for BG because of the secret "hide all" (even though I liked it because I can do guild related events with my crew mates without having any lag (and had suggested to make a feature since I read "it was by mistake"). On Day 8 and a half, all went to hell when they fixed the hide all problem and introduced massive delays and (Not Responding) suffixes on any program that accesses the game.

        Too bad I am not working for the devs or R2, else this is what I would tell them how it happened as I kept a somewhat solid memory of the last known things that happened (and yet, I read they they kept trying to figure out the problem while it slaps them in the face right then and there).

        I am going to be blunt, I like the new icon bar in a way it stays closed, no matter where you are at. Perhaps, when redesigning, they will keep that effect for the next, lose the swirling as it is lag inducing anyways, put back the icons in their respective groups, and not have eleventy-billion icons that we have to swim through to find a certain one; possibly making the icons a bit smaller in the process as well.
        Vicious! Approach with Caution!
        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so